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Amplitec 868Mhz Helium Miners HNT Hotspot Auto Gain Ajustable Amplifier Lora Minner Flarm Booster
Amplitec is majored in mobile phone signal booster over 20 years. signal repeater, 4g mobile signal amplifier, cellular phone booster, 5g signal booster, flarm booster, Helium hotspot miner,Band Selective Repeater,signal antenna,coaxial cable. 100% solve mobile cell phone weak signal problem.
The FLARM BOOSTER amplifies the 868MHz antenna signal by +17dB, and also increases the transmit signal of the FLARM device by17dB, increasing the monitoring range of the FLARM device by about 5 times.When the TX transmit power is greater than 23dBm, the AGC Function will be activated to attenuate the TX gain to stabilize the TX transmit power. Built-in SAW Filter, no need for external filter.
The working power of the Booster is DC+5V~+24V, which can be powered from the DC power socket by the power adapter, or can be powered from the FLARM RF port by the Basi Tee.


Contact : Guangdong Amplitec Tech Development Co.,

Company : Guangdong Amplitec Tech Development Co.,Ltd

Country : China

Telephone : 13715513766

Email :

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