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Femtech Tokyo Sets the Stage for a Promising Femtech Future
The first-ever edition of Femtech Tokyo has concluded with remarkable success. The event, which ran from October 20-22, 2022, at Tokyo Big Sight's East Hall 7, accomplished its goal to bring attention to the significance of Feminine Care (Femcare) and Feminine Technology (Femtech) in Japan. FEMTECH Tokyo marked the first step toward a breakthrough for the future of Femtech with 175 exhibiting companies, 5,198 seminar attendees, and 14,123 exhibition visitors.

Within three days, Femtech Tokyo organised the exhibition hall into several special zones to highlight leading innovations for women and the products of various manufacturers and businesses dealing with women's health and the Femtech industry. Visitors, including corporate users contemplating women's support programmes, clinics and salons, and retail shoppers, had easy access to solutions for a wide range of women's health challenges, thanks to dedicated halls for menstruation, fertility/pregnancy, pregnancy/postnatal, and menopause/pre-menopause.

Hosted by RX Japan Ltd., Femtech Tokyo has concluded with the support of the Medical Femtech Consortium, Japan Femtech Association, Female Athletes, and many more. Additionally, the event is continuously lending its support to the causes of REDBOXJAPAN, Japan Cancer Society, and Pink Ribbon.

Championing the change in Femtech’s future
Diving more into vital topics such as women’s health and female technology development, ministers and notable speakers highlighted Femtech knowledge and created social awareness of women's health challenges through different seminars. From the first to the third day, experts from Japan's burgeoning sector shared their knowledge in the hopes of accelerating the development of a more promising femtech future.

Seiko Noda, a member of the House of Representatives and the chairperson of the Femtech Promotion Parliamentary League, delivered the keynote address at the event. She spoke on why femtech promotion is essential to Japan's growth strategy. Many of the 598 seminar attendees paid close attention to her as she discussed “Femtech promotion”, proposed in the Japanese government's Basic Policy 2021, and the future Japan should aim for.

Like what Erena Hirano, Manager of Business Department 1 and one of Femtech Tokyo's founders stated in her interview before, Femtech Tokyo is being organised in response to the Femtech/Femcare trend with the intention of providing a platform for a more nuanced knowledge of issues affecting women's health. Hirano also stated that they hope more people will learn about Femtech and Femcare, and that this will lead to a society where women have equal opportunities in the workplace and in daily life. Public Day, the last day of the show, drew women of all ages who wanted more opportunities to shine in their respective life stages.

Femtech Tokyo 2023
On October 5–7, 2023, at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan, Femtech Tokyo will return for a second edition to continue its mission of promoting women's health and empowerment. Next year, Femtech Tokyo will double its size and play an expanded role in elevating the status of women's healthcare to encourage more people in society to be a part of the growing femtech industry in Japan.

To further emphasise the significance of women in the sector, Femtech Tokyo 2023 plans to host a women's week. Next year, the Mental Health Care EXPO will also be held at the same time, doubling the number of exhibitors to 350.

In order to lay the groundwork for the future of women in technology, the event will continue to host numerous prominent importers, medical institutions, research centres, investors, and media figures. To ensure a brighter femtech future in Japan, more exhibitors are expected and urged to present their innovative solutions in the industry.

Visit Femtech Tokyo's official website to learn more about the burgeoning field of female technology, whether you are an interested observer curious to learn more about the field's future or a practising member of the field hoping to network with other experts and companies.


Contact : Femtech Tokyo

Company : RX Japan

Country : Japan

Telephone : 03-3349-8531

Email :

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