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Precision Investment Casting Excellence

Elevate your standards with KFR Company – your premier partner for precision-crafted automobile parts, architectural products, pneumatic tools, impellers, turbines, marine components, and valve parts. Our specialized technologies and expertise ensure unparalleled quality, while our commitment to excellence delivers the most competitive craftsmanship in the industry. Explore the pinnacle of investment casting innovation!

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Industry leader in design and produce

SCANO has become an industry leader in designing and producing industrial-quality, fluid power, automotive air tool accessories, and air line controls.

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Enhance Production with Our Rotary Die Cutters

Established in 1979, Kingdom Machinery Co., Ltd. leads in rotary die cutters, embossing rollers, & more. Our commitment to Precision, Quality, Service, & Innovation ensures success. Partner with us today!

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A professional manufacturer and supplier of hot stamping foil, PEVA sheet, and acrylic sheet in Taiwan

Elastin is an experienced manufacturer and exporter of calendering PVC sheeting, hot stamping foil, PVC fabric, PEVA sheet, acrylic sheet, and silicone rollers for various applications. We welcome your visit to our website. Please specify your requirements in detail so that we can promptly follow up and meet your needs.

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Superior IDC Solutions by Don Connex

At Don Connex Electronics Co., Ltd., we are committed to delivering only the highest quality IDC solutions. Our unwavering dedication ensures that you receive products of Superior or Good grade exclusively. Experience excellence with Don Connex.

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Profession EVA wheel Supplier

High quality EVA wheels manufacturer in Taiwan for different applications to baby & children stroller, children tricycle, kids balance bikes, shopping carts, pet stroller, elder walkers & rollators.

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G-TEN Precision: Molding Excellence

Established by seasoned experts, G-TEN Precision Co., Ltd. excels in crafting top-tier stamping, plastic, and semiconductor molds, along with precision tungsten steel components. Experience unmatched precision and quality with us today!

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Auto Switches & Sensors Supplier

WINNING excels in crafting auto switches and sensors, including Combination, Ignition, Lock Cylinder, Indicator, Rocker, Temperature, and Oil Pressure switches. Elevate your ride with WINNING's quality components.

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