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Online SinoCorrugated South and Online SinoFoldingCarton 2022 opens on September 27 – 29
Online SinoCorrugated South and Online SinoFoldingCarton 2022, the world-class corrugated packaging and printing event is back on September 27 – 29.

The foreign trade industry ushers in new opportunities as overseas demand climbs. The packaging printing market has continued to grow in recent years. To meet the vibrant market trend, WEPACK, the 7-in-1 mega show organized by RX (Reed Exhibitions) covers the improvement of the entire packaging industry chain. However, the global pandemic put a halt to face-to-face interactions, forcing the exhibition community to change its approach.

In 2022, RX will open the door to overseas markets for exhibitors with its new and upgraded online exhibition platforms, featuring virtual booths and live streaming at SinoCorrugated South 2022 and SinoFoldingCarton 2022. These online events will take place in the form of virtual booths and live streaming that include:

• Online Exhibitions
• Online Guided Tour
• TAP Match Making
• Running Man
• Industrial Webinars
• Online Exhibitor Interview, and
• Exhibitor Livestreaming

The online events will attract more than 10,000 Online Visitors from Global Market and over 400 exhibitors from corrugated and folding carton industry with a dual-powered hybrid model demonstrating their latest technology.

1. Upgraded Online Platform
Guided by convenience and efficiency, the online exhibition platform, comprising of exhibition halls, precise filter, and exhibitor details display remains up-to-date and relevant. The virtual lobby gives you an overview of the online exhibition while the exhibition hall shows the leading exhibitors locally and abroad. Further, the precise filter helps to effectively find preferred exhibitors. Meet visitors and keep abreast of the latest equipment and innovative technology, meetup, and chat room functions.

This is your one-stop online exhibition platform that will help you find your ideal visitor in no time and build an all-around and multi-faceted show-viewing drive at one fell swoop.

2. Seven Hybrid Programs
a) Online Exhibitions
A new online platform will be created to break the spatial boundary via the Internet. This way, we can save on the transportation cost of the two parties, improve communication, and quickly restart the overseas market for exhibitors, and rebuild a trade bridge with overseas targeted customers.

b) Online Guided Tour
A variety of thematic guided tour routes are designed for overseas visitors from different dimensions. Professional hosts will visit our exhibitors to introduce them to overseas buyers and visitors. With the help of a live broadcast platform, the hosts can highlight the exhibitors’ brand effect and product advantages in a comprehensive manner.

c) TAP Match Making
Professional overseas buyers can collect information from the global packaging and printing market based on data from 150,000+ overseas buyers. This way, we can invite overseas buyers with a clear purchasing intention so they can participate in online matchmaking activities before and during the show.

d) Running Man
A 40-member team of overseas buyer guides will be set up at the show to quickly highlight the needs of buyers and visitors. This will allow real-time monitoring of event information on the online show and live-streaming platforms. This will facilitate more efficient communication between overseas visitors and exhibitors.

e) Industrial Webinars
In cooperation with national industry associations, media, and leading global carton manufacturers, RX invites local representatives and relevant exhibitors to participate in webinars to share and exchange views on local hot topics, industry trends, and market changes, among others.

f) Online Exhibitor Interview
We will pass on the brand image, product advantages, and technical characteristics of the interviewed exhibitors to the overseas market. This will help in promoting mutual understanding between visitors and exhibitors through an exclusive online interview room.

g) Exhibitor Livestreaming
As a highly efficient tool for real-time communication, live streaming has become a popular choice for exhibitors to highlight their products and answer questions during the exhibition. The customized live streaming activities of exhibitors not only bring them closer to overseas visitors but also enhance their influence and competitiveness.

Relying on the advantages of the Internet, the Online SinoCorrugated South 2022 and Online SinoFoldingCarton 2022 will be back on July 13-15. These events are dedicated to building a packaging market ecosystem covering advanced packaging raw materials and processing equipment. The events are projected to bring together packaging professionals to implement procurement plans, industry inspections, and technical exchanges. Further, the escalated online platform which focuses on multi-dimensional interactive activities and personalized business services will enhance international connections and cooperative relationships.

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Register for Online SinoFoldingCarton 2022


Contact : Chopin Mo

Company : RX

Country : China

Telephone : +86-755-2383-4577

Email :

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