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Plant extract -Spirulina Extract phycocyanin,Phycocyanin powder,
Product name : Phycocyaninn
Botanical source: Spirulina Extract
Plant Genus & Species : Anthrospira laensis
Color value : E10, E18,E25,E3
Solubility: 100% water soluble in cold water
Characteristic of phycocyanin : Blue granules or powders, which are protein-binding pigments, it has the same properties as proteins with an isoelectric point of 3.4. , it can 100% Soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol and grease. It is unstable to heat, light and acid. It is stable under weak acidity and neutrality (pH 4.5~8), precipitation occurs in acidity (pH4.2), and strong alkali can be decolorized.


Contact : cherry wang

Company : Shaanxi Creative Herb Biotechnology Co.,ltd

Country : China

Telephone : 029-86219878

Email :

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