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Leap Tong Industrial Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production of various magnetic products, available from parts to finished products which including Support Belt, Man's Auto Belt, Insoles, Wraps and Plaster, Magnet Message Ball, Pillow, Mattress, Cushion, Bracelet, Hand Ring, Necklace, Finger Rin ...

Main Products : Magnetic HealthCare Products,Magnetic Plasters,Magnetic Acupuncture Bars,Magnetic Beads & Parts,Magnetic Jewelry,Bracelet,Hand Ring,Hand Chain,Necklace,Ringer Ring,Earrings,Magnetic Support Belt,Men’s Auto Belt,Neoprene Wraps,Insoles,Non-snore clips,

Feng Yi Hai have seniority group which meticulous concoct special jewelry ring , bracelets, chain , necklace , pendants, key buckle ,Crafts, art work… those are all fashionable. We have almost thousand of item for you to choose . month produce capability is over 100 thousand pcs . it’s the art work ...

Main Products : jewelry ring , bracelets, chain , necklace , pendants, key buckle ,Crafts, art work…

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