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ShenZhen Actelgame electronics : Video game console repair parts , modchip , game accessory , game card Xbox360 modchip: X360run,X360run V1.1,Xbox360 Postfix Adapter CPU,X360 ACE V1,X360 ACE V2R,Xbox360 Lite-on LTU2 PCB,Xbox360 Matrix glitcher V1,Xbox360 Matrix glitcher V3,Xbox360 xecuter coolrunner Rev.C,Xbox360 Coolrunner Rev.d,Xbox360 Coolrunner V3 lite Cr3 lite,X360key,Xbox360 J-R programmer V1,Xbox360 J-R programmer V2,Squirt360 Coolrunner 1.2/1.3/2.0,Xbox360 STONE S-V1.0,Xbox360 TX Corona 4GB Nand Read Write Kit PS3 modchip: PS3 Cobra ODE,PS3 Cobra ODE QSV,PS3 E3 flasher,PS3 E3 ode pro,PS3 Matrix ODE,PS3 E3 card Reader,PS3 3k3y ODE 3KS-R V1.2 PS2 modchip: modbo4.0 modbo760 modbo750 Mars GM-816HD modbo5.0 Xbox360 repair :Xbox360 Lite on DG-16D2S laser lens HOP-141X,Xbox360 Lite on DG-16D4S DG-16D5S laser lens HOP-15XX HOP-5XXR,Xbox360 Lite on DG-16D2S DVD Drive 74850C,Xbox360 Lite-on DG-16D5S DVD Drive 9504,Xbox360 Lite on DG-16D4S DVD Drive PCB,Xbox360 GPU X02056-010,Xbox360 HDMI GPU X810480-002,Xbox360 slim XCGPU X818337-004,Xbox360 south bridge chip X850744-004,Xbox360 Slim Hard Drive 250GB Xbox one repair: Xbox ONE laser lens B150,Xbox one GPU X887732-001,Xbox one South Bridge chip X861949-005 PS4 repair:PS4 laser lens KES-860A,PS4 laser lens KES-490A,PS4 Power Supply APS-240DR,PS4 HDMI Port,PS4 Panasonic HDMI MN86471A,PS4 BGA Stencil CXD90026G,PS4 Controller R2 L2 button PS3 repair:PS3 laser lens KES-400A KES-410A KES-450A KES-460A KES-470A KES-480A KES-850A,PS3 DVD Drive KEM-400A KEM-410A KEM-450A KEM-850A,PS3 RSX GPU CXD2971GB CXD2991GB CXD5300AGB CXD5302A1GB,PS3 slim power supply APS-250 APS-270 EADP-220BB EADP-200DB APS-306 APS-330 ADP-160AR,PS3 slim HDMI Port,PS3 BD7979EFV,PS3 HDMI IC Panasonic mn8647091 mn864709,PS3 CXD9963GB,PS3 super slim CECH-400X Hard Disk Drive Mounting bracket PS2 repair : PS2 laser lens PVR-802W KHS-400C TDP-082W SPU-3170 PS1 repair: PS one Laser Lens KSM-440BAM KSM-440AEM KSM-440ADM PS Vita 2000 repair: PSVita 2000 LCD screen,PSvita 2000 analog joystick PS vita repair:PSVita LCD screen,PSVita touch screen,PSVita analog joystick,PSVita mainboard,PSVita battery,PSVita Switch board PSPE1000 repair:PSPE1000 LCD screen,PSPE1000 Volume Home Key Cable,PSPE1000 motherboard PSPgo repair:PSPgo LCD Screen, PSPgo LCD Screen Flex cable,PSPgo analog joystick PSP3000 repair:PSP3000 LCD Screen,PSP3000 mainboard,PSP3000 analog joystick,PSP3000 D-Pad L key cable,PSP3000 Volume Cable PSP2000 repair:PSP2000 LCD Screen,PSP2000 PSP3000 laser lens KHM-420BAA,PSP2000 analog joystick,PSP2000 D-Pad L key cable,PSP2000 Volume Cable PSP1000 repair:PSP1000 LCD Screen,PSP1000 laser lens KHM-420AAA,PSP microSD to MS PRO Duo Adapter,CR-5400 Wii repair : Wii laser lens RAF-3350 RAF-3355,Wii DVD Drive,Wii DVD Drive pcb,Wii Bluetooth,Wii IC AVE-RVL BU9055EKV Wiiu repair : Wiiu lcd screen, Wiiu touch screen,Wiiu Bluetooth,Wiiu laser lens,Wiiu DVD Drive,WiiU GPU CPU C10234F5,WiiU Panasonic HDMI MN864718 2DS repair:2DS LCD Screen,2DS SD card socket,2DS Camera 3DSLL repair:3DSLL LCD Screen,3DSLL bluetooth,3DSLL L R Button Cable,3DSLL Camera 3DS repair:3DS LCD Screen,3DS network card,3DS L R Button Cable,3DS Power Connector Socket,3DS bluetooth,3DS Camera,3DS SD Card Socket,3DS Analog Joystick NDSixl repair:NDSixl LCD Screen,NDSiXL SD Socket,NDSixl Power Connector Socket,NDSiXL Volume Switch Cable NDSi repair:NDSi LCD Screen,NDSi Slot card,NDSi Hinge NDSL repair:NDSL LCD Screen,NDSL Power Connector,NDSL Slot 1 SD socket 3DS game card: Sky3DS,Gateway 3ds,3dslink,MT Card,R4i3d 2014,R4i dual core white,R4i silver RTS,R4i-SDHC,R4igold

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