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Fatigue Tester

Features: A. Test Waveform: provide sine waveform, triangular waveform, and square waveform. B. Provide peak value of displacement(x0) C. Provide peak value of load (Po) D. Provide test sequence management. E. Peak value real-time display. F. Real-Time Display following diagra ...(more)

Post time : 2020/10/20 ~ 2020/11/3

Carbon Black Dispersion

Features a. Pixel and dispersion analysis: Based on method A and B of ASTM D-2663 to carry out the calculation and analysis about particle numbers, diameter, distribution, and area etc. b. Philips 10-grade automatic judgment : Save the Philips 10-grade pictures and data as the standard for ...(more)

Post time : 2020/10/20 ~ 2020/11/3

Tensile Tester

Features a. In terms of load capacity, our tensile tester is classified to four kinds: Model Capacity UT-3200 over 2 tons UT-2060 below 2 tons UT-2080 below 500 kgf UT-3100 below 100 kgf b. Click on each model's picture to see their own specifications and features. U ...(more)

Post time : 2020/10/20 ~ 2020/11/3

Mooney viscometer

Features: a. The model UM-2050 consists of one main testing unit and one subunit of control and data analysis equipped with one IBM compatible PC,colour monitor,CD-Rom,hardisk,and one printer. b. Manufacturing Standard:In accordance with ASTM D1646, JIS K6300 c. Temperature:1. working Ran ...(more)

Post time : 2020/10/20 ~ 2020/11/3


Features: a. Can provide curves and values of torque and scorch/cure time, loss angle, tangent delta, CRI, ML, MH etc. b. Can provide plots and percentage of compounding homogeneity variation. c. Can evaluate the interaction between rubber chemicals and the required product properties and then ...(more)

Post time : 2020/10/20 ~ 2020/11/3

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