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Carbon Black Dispersion

Carbon Black Dispersion

2024/6/19 ~ 2024/7/3



a. Pixel and dispersion analysis:
Based on method A and B of ASTM D-2663 to carry out the calculation and analysis about particle numbers, diameter, distribution, and area etc.

b. Philips 10-grade automatic judgment : Save the Philips 10-grade pictures and data as the standard for comparison. And display the grade of the testing results.

c. User's free standard automatic judgment: We also provide 1000 groups of file establishment space, so that users can set their own standard pictures for automatic comparison and grade judgment.

d. Agglomeration determination range setting and statistical analysis.

e. Multiple lens selection: Lens amplification times ranging from 100, 200, 500, 750 and 1000 are available for choosing.

f. Automatically calculate thresholding values and eliminate bubbles after thresholding.

g. Storage and printing of the following pictures:
(1)Gray Level Analysis
(3)Pixels Diameter

U-Can is a certified ISO 9001: 2000 and CE manufacturer. It was formally named Eekoner Ind. Co. which was founded in Taipei Taiwan in 1986, specializing in the rheometer , mooney viscometer, tensile tester, tyre plunger tester, etc.

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2024/6/15 ~ 2024/6/29

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Hsieh Ya-Chien
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