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Surgical robot market grows with policy support

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Surgical robot market grows with policy support

The high precision forming capability of PM generates components with near net shape, intricate features and close dimensional precision, finished without the need of machining.
PM is especially suited to the production of large series of pieces with narrow tolerances. By producing parts with a homogeneous structure PM enables manufacturers to make products that are more consistent and predictable in their behaviour across a wide range of applications.
Thanks to its process flexibility PM allows the tailoring of the physical characteristics of a product to suit your specific property and performance requirements. Good performance in stress and absorbing of vibrations as well as special properties such as hardness and wear resistance are a feature of PM components.
Powder metallurgy is a versatile process with a wide range of applications in the secondary industry. Various assemblies of automobiles, such as engines, transmissions and chassis, are equipped with many powder metallurgy parts. In addition, powder metallurgy is also used in aerospace, agricultural machinery and other fields, as well as for the manufacture of small and large appliances, office machinery, electrical instruments, locks and hardware parts, medical equipment, off-road machinery, electric and hand tools, sporting goods And automatic recording equipment, etc. Shenzhen Yujiaxin Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in powder metallurgy processing and is a benchmark in the powder metallurgy industry. It focuses on the development and production of various metal parts. In the current fierce competition and uncertain environment, our company will continue to Introduce new technologies, new methods, and new concepts to improve our products to meet the needs of all walks of life. And the concept of quality and service will be more implemented, and the pursuit of a more perfect state will promote the pace of internationalization and give back to the public.

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