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China International Nail Expo, Beijing 2021 - 2021/11/28 - 2021/11/30
Fast Facts
Show Preview
  2021/11/28 - 2021/11/30
Opening hours:
  09:30 - 17:00
  China National Convention Center, Beijing
  No. 7, Tianchen East Road, Chaoyang District , Beijing
  BMG Exhibition Co Ltd
Show URL:
Number of Exhibitors :
Major exhibits:
  Nail art products,
Nail packaging & tools,
Eyelash extension products,
Nail polish and gel products,
Natural nail caring products,
Nail & Eyelash Training Organizations,
Nail & Eyelash Industry Associations,
Facilities and furniture for Salons,
China International Nail Expo, Beijing
Your Springboard to Step into the Global Market

Organised by a professional fair organising team – the fourth edition of the China International Nail Expo, Beijing will be held from Nov 28 - 30, 2021 at the China National Convention Center, Beijing. The expo will feature over 150 local and international mid to high-quality nail and eyelash brands include nail art products, nail polish and gel, nail caring products, eyelash extension products, packaging and tools and training schools on nail and eyelash in order to provide the great platform for industry players to keep abreast of the latest trends and captures the market pulse and conduct business orders on the spot.

In China, regardless of young chic maidens, office ladies or celebrities, they are nowadays concerning their better quality of life and will dress up properly daily and go to the beauty salon regularly to make-up their colorful nails and extend their sharp lashes. Thus, the nail and eyelash market are rapidly boosted and is steadily developing among the local sales and export markets. The consuming market in mainland China specially in nails and eyelash industry are remained strong annual growth and market share contributes up to 19% among the entire beauty industry and the totality of potential growth could be infinite!
Event Contact
Title : Project Director Name : Joe Ho
Telephone : +85237491200 Fax number : +85237491200
E-mail :
Address : Unit B09, 7/F, Rykadan Capital Tower, 135 Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
City / State / Province : Hong Kong Country : Hong Kong
Comment :
BMG Exhibition Co. Ltd. – China International Nail Expo, Beijing Channel to International Business with Professional Services Head office in Hong Kong with branch in Beijing, BMG has a nationwide dedicated and experienced team with expertise in event management, marketing as well as consultants in nail & eyelash industry to provide professional services to the exhibitors and buyers. Mission To bridge the gap between local and international exhibitors and buyers for networking and business sustainably Service To provide market insight and professional consultation services to exhibitors and buyers and regard them as business partners enormously Vision To strive for success in bridging the business partners and exert our influence and empowerment on nail and eyelash exhibition in the industry 
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