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Fresh Fruit Lotus Seed Nut Kernel Lotus Seed Pod Head Extract Manufacture Wholesaler Exporter Supplier [Sell] (2019/11/8)

Detailed Description
Lotus seeds are a kind of food that we all like to eat. smell with sweet in the fragrance, especially the lotus seeds have great benefits for our health, especially fresh lotus seeds. The nutrients contained in the lotus seeds are not found in ordinary dried lotus seeds, and are therefore more popular among people.

Before the lotus seedpod is not fully mature, the lotus seedpod and the lotus seeds wrapped in it are green and easy to peel off for raw eat. Fresh and tender lotus seeds are sweet and fragrant, like fruits, so they are also called fruit lotus seed. They are a kind of snack that is popular with the public. It can also be used for soup or gourmet cooking.

Lotus seed, aromatic sputum and other ingredients contained in lotus seeds have a calming effect; after consumption, it can promote the secretion of insulin from the pancreas, thereby increasing the supply of serotonin, so that people can fall asleep. Taking sugar water to boil lotus seeds every night before going to bed will have a good sleep aid effect.

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Contact Information
Company Name: Best Lotus Seed Company
Contact Person: kenny huang
Address: Lotus seed Market, Huashi Town, Xiangtan County, Hunan Province, China
Country/Region: China
Telephone: +86 16670790853
Fax: +86 16670790853
Company Brief: We are a manufacturer, Wholesale Supplier specializing in lotus seed products trade from China. We focus on the trade of lotus seed series products. There are : Lotus seeds ( Lotus Nut, Semen Nelumbinis ) series: Iron Lotus seeds ( shell Lotus seeds or black lotus seeds ), redlotus seed , white lotus seed Lotus seed core ( Lotus Plumule ) Lotus root ( Lotus rhizomes ) Lotus rootlet ( lotus root sprout )
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