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Silver Oxide Battery

SR416SW, SR516SW, SR616SW, SR41, SR1120, SR1130, SR43, SR44

Description :
A Silver oxide battery is a small-sized primary battery using zinc as the negative electrode (cathode), silver oxide as the positive electrode (anode) plus an alkaline electrolyte. Thanks to its high energy density and superb stable discharge characteristics, silver oxide battery are used in a broad range of applications, from quartz watches to portable devices such as electronic clinical thermometer and portable games.

To cope with the sharply-growing demand for high quality, compact and slim batteries, Sony has achieved the ultimate in compact batteries and high performance, ensuring high reliability by taking advantage of the state-of-the-art micro battery design & production technologies that Sony has developed over the past years. Sony also has a wide product line-up to cater for diversifying market needs.
Features :
• High energy density, small size
High energy density has been achieved due to Sony's original high-precision material-mixing technology. The use of antioxidant, high performance separators also contributes to improved storage characteristics.

• Excellent stable discharge characteristics
Constant voltage output is available even during the course of battery discharge.

• Excellent leakage resistance
Sony-unique sealing structure, coupled with special sealing-material treatment, has helped achieve excellent leakage resistance.

• A comprehensive product line-up
Thanks to Sony's state-of-the-art micro battery production technologies, a comprehensive range of ultra-compact batteries is available to meet various needs.
Specification :
Nominal Voltage 1.55V, Nominal Capacity 8.3mAh, Diameter 4.8mm(+0, -0.15), Height 1.65mm(+0, -0.18), Boss Diameter 3.1mm, Clearance 0.02min, Mass 0.13g
Nominal Voltage 1.55V, Nominal Capacity 12.5mAh, Diameter 5.8mm(+0, -0.15), Height 1.65mm(+0, -0.18), Boss Diameter 4.0mm, Clearance 0.02min, Mass 0.18g
Nominal Voltage 1.55V, Nominal Capacity 16mAh, Diameter 6.8mm(+0, -0.15), Height 1.65mm(+0, -0.18mm), Boss Diameter 4.5mm, Clearance 0.02min, Mass 0.25g

Nominal Voltage 1.55V, Nominal Capacity 20mAh, Diameter 7.9mm(+0, -0.15), Height 3.60mm(+0, -0.25), Boss Diameter 3.6mm, Clearance 0.08min, Mass 0.73g

Nominal Voltage 1.55V, Nominal Capacity 45mAh, Diameter 11.6mm(+0, -0.20), Height 2.05mm(+0, -0.20), Boss Diameter 8.0mm, Clearance 0.06min, Mass 0.92g

Nominal Voltage 1.55V, Nominal Capacity 75mAh, Diameter 11.6mm(+0, -0.20), Height 3.05mm(+0, -0.25), Boss Diameter 7.1mm, Clearance 0.08min, Mass 1.35g

Nominal Voltage 1.55V, Nominal Capacity 110mAh, Diameter 11.6mm(+0, -0.20), Height 4.20mm(+0, -0.25), Boss Diameter 6.7mm, Clearance 0.08min, Mass 1.76g

Nominal Voltage 1.55V, Nominal Capacity 160mAh, Diameter 11.6mm(+0, -0.20), Height 5.40mm(+0, -0.25), Boss Diameter 6.7mm, Clearance 0.08min, Mass 2.40g
Safety/Quality Approvals :
MSDS / UN38.3 / RoHS / REACH / UL Identification / SGS Report / Letter of Confirmation for No mercury
Other 1 :
Electronic watched, clocks

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