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Liquid Crystal Display

LCD Series

Liquid Crystal Display is a thin flat display device, by a number of color or monochrome pixels composed of a light source or a reflector placed in front of the face.

Seven-segment display

LDT、LDS Series

Seven segment display (Seven-segment display) for electronic components used to display numbers. Because by seven light-emitting diodes to display numbers in different combinations, so called seven-segment display, also known as seven-segment display, and 2.7 for its next planned "eighth plan."

light guide


Light guide is a guide of the light emitted from the LED on the front panel or PCB structure position you want glowing, this structure is generally made ​​of PC material, or PMMA material.

Lithium Manganese Dioxide Battery

CR1216, CR1220, CR1616, CR1620, CR2016, CR2025, CR2032 CR2430, CR2450, CR2477

Lithium batterirs are being used in a broad range of applications, from quartz watches and clocks, and as power sources for IC memories requiring long-term reliability of over 10 years to PC motherboards, PDAs and car keyledd entry systems.
... (more)

Silver Oxide Battery

SR416SW, SR516SW, SR616SW, SR41, SR1120, SR1130, SR43, SR44

A Silver oxide battery is a small-sized primary battery using zinc as the negative electrode (cathode), silver oxide as the positive electrode (anode) plus an alkaline electrolyte. Thanks to its high energy density and superb stable discharge characteristics, silver oxide battery are used in a broad ... (more)

UltraViolet Light-emitting diode

SSL, SML Series

Within the wavelength spectrum, the range of UV light can be broken into three primary areas. The Ultraviolet A, or UV-A long wave, falls within the range of 315 nanometers to 420 nanometers. Ultraviolet B or, or UV-B medium wave, is within the 280 nanometers to 315 nanometer range. And finally Ul ... (more)

Light Emitting Diode


Light-emitting diodes means that when a voltage is applied (referred to as forward direction) in the direction of the rectifier, a current injection, electron and hole recombination, a part of the energy is converted into light and emitting diodes. Such an LED is made of a semiconductor, a solid ele ... (more)

LCD Module

LCD Module refers to the liquid crystal display devices, connectors, controls and peripheral circuits such as driving, PCB circuit board, backlight, structural components and other pieces fit together.

Fujitsu Alkaline battery

LR20, LR14, LR6, LR03G

High performance, high capacity, environmentally friendly batteries
With the use of positive and negative electricity inverse function of preventing security design

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