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RE-ENERGY CO., LTD. have a group of more than 10 years of professional experience in customized batteries and LED & LCD application team composed specifically for custom-made products to the design of the battery and LED & LCD, the scope of products to consumer electronics, industrial, automotive, medical market Mainly in Taiwan, China and Southeast Asia and other regions.

  • Main Products :
    Battery,Coin Battery, LED, LCD,Rechargeable battery ,battery design ,SONY Coin Battery,FDK(Fujitsu Denki Kagaku) Battery, Liquid Crystal Display,Seven-segment display,light guide
  • Country/Region : Taiwan
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Liquid Crystal Display

Liquid Crystal Display is a thin flat display device, by a number of color or monochrome pixels comp ... (more)

Seven-segment display

Seven segment display (Seven-segment display) for electronic components used to display numbers. Bec ... (more)

light guide

Light guide is a guide of the light emitted from the LED on the front panel or PCB structure positio ... (more)

Lithium Manganese Dioxide Battery

Lithium batterirs are being used in a broad range of applications, from quartz watches and clocks, a ... (more)

LCD Module

LCD Module refers to the liquid crystal display devices, connectors, controls and peripheral circuit ... (more)

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