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Tips for SP, HF Series


YC provides multiple choice of tips for craft lover to express their imagination on their art work. Over thirty tips can be screw easily on the SP and HF series tools. There is an accessory box for keeping the interchangeable tips. In this way, you will have an economical tool kit for the customers. ... (more)

Bi-Color Woodburning Tool


Are you looking for a wood burning tool for pyrography?
SP-758 is a new released high quality craft tool, features YC's bi-color design, which is innovative and unique to the market. This woodburning pen has ergonomic design for easy operation.
Furthermore, we have GS/CE approvals, as well as UL ... (more)

Square Glue Pot


Our factory is fully equipped with automated machinery and facilities ensuring our products capture the highest stability and quality standards. PE-300 is 30w square melting glue pot for dipping flower stems or any other dipping projects. Simply insert the glue stick, and the glue will melted in the ... (more)

Round Glue Pot


PE-600 is 40w round glue pot. The perfect partner of your gluing projects. Ideal for floral projects and group crafting. Hot melt chips can also be used directly into the pot. This glue pot heats up fast and melts the glue quickly. Just dip into the melted glue. This glue pot will be the perfect add ... (more)

Glue Stick


EC-401 are 7mm glue sticks, bring you reliable quality, and competitive price. These glue sticks are suitable for YC mini glue guns. For best performance, allow the hot melt adhesive gun to warm up to operating temperature. This highest quality transparent glue stick EC-401 bonds strongly and quickl ... (more)

Glue Stick


YC provide 11mm glues sticks for regular glue guns and industrial glue guns as well. EC-601 are 11mm glue sticks. These glue sticks are ideal for any gluing projects and are compatible for YC’s hot glue guns. Our hot melt glue guns heat up quickly and are ready to use in 3-5 minutes. YC’s hot melt a ... (more)

Industrial Glue Gun


Yeu Chyuan is an experienced manufacturer with years of hot melt adhesive gun production experience. T812 has a power rated at 300 watts. This is a heavy duty glue gun because the application of its uses is more of the industrial purposes. It’s ideal for high output applications where the demand for ... (more)

Glue Pad


YC provide quality glue guns and glue pads. This glue gun pad protect your work surface from hot glue damage and is great for use with hot glue gun. You could easily peel off the dried glue from the glue pad it bonded with. What’s more, it’s perfect for setting the hot melt glue gun on when crafters ... (more)

Woodburning Tool


SP-200 is a wood burning tool for pyrography art which is approved by CUL. This tool is good for beginners or professionals, and offers a wide variety of tips. There are five basic interchangeable tips, universal Point, shading Point, script Point, dot point, and soldering point. These tips can be s ... (more)

Nozzles for Regular and Industrial Glue Gun


Yeu Chyuan offers a wide range of nozzles for many different hot melt glue gun applications. Besides all of our industrial glue guns, these nozzle are also available for regular glue gun model# EC-501, T612, AC-760, AC-760N. We also provide hot glue gun nozzle cover which helps protect against burns ... (more)

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