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Guangdong OMG Transmission Technology Co., Ltd.

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Auto Parts Use Connecting Cable Service

2023/9/19 ~ 2023/11/30 | Trade Shows / Events

This is a manufacturer specializing in the production and sales of new energy connection cables, providing high-quality, reliable connection cable products and excellent services. Our products are widely used in the automobile manufacturing and maintenance industries, involving applications in engines, transmissions, chassis, instruments and other aspects. The research, development and production of connection cable products include automotive sockets, automotive plugs, automotive wiring harnesses, automotive connectors, etc., all of which comply with international and industry standards. We continuously introduce advanced production technology and equipment to ensure the quality and stability of our products, and have passed certifications from multiple agencies. We are customer-centric, constantly strive to improve product quality and service levels, and are committed to providing a full range of solutions to meet the different needs of customers. We have a professional technical team and after-sales service team that can provide technical support and after-sales service to customers.

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Guangdong OMG Transmission Technology Co., Ltd.

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