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Russian customers accepted the suggestion of AAK Industry Co., Ltd for hydraulic oil and successfully restored the trust of their customers

2024/3/1 | Other Hot News

Russian customers accepted the suggestion of AAK Industry Co., Ltd for hydraulic oil and successfully restored the trust of their customers
For hydraulic valves in oily medium, oil selection is very important. Russian customers accepted AAK's suggestion on the selection of hydraulic oil, which successfully restored the trust of their customers.

The quality of oil will also affect the service life of products. At present, many users in the market use HL32 hydraulic oil. It has the lubrication of circulation system and is also cheap. At the same time, it can prolong the oil change cycle. Compared with machine oil, it can save 1 / 3-1 / 2 of lubricating oil, so it has become the first choice of many users.

When the lubrication effect of hydraulic oil is poor, impurities are easily entered, which leads to severe wear of valve core. At the same time, the air release value, anti bubble property and poor water separation performance easily lead to rust and scrap of products, and shorten the service life of the products. Many users often ignore the oil product problem, and the manufacturers of hydraulic valves do not give the guidance on the use of hydraulic oil. This will lead to the quality of hydraulic valve, and also the service life.

Some time ago, in a chat with a Russian client, why did the same batch of AAK hydraulic valves have different service life? Because the client promised the users that the quality guarantee period of AAK hydraulic valve is 1-2 years, but now only about 8 months, some users complained about some problems.

I am very surprised. After more in-depth communication, I learned that the "cause" is that the medium has affected the service life of the hydraulic valve. At present, the oily medium used by the users who complained is HL32 hydraulic oil. I analyzed the instability of No. 32 hydraulic oil with the client. Due to its poor air release value, anti foaming property and water separation performance, it is easy to cause rust and scrap of products. This oil quality is only suitable for lubrication of bearing boxes and low-pressure circulation systems of various machine tools without special requirements for oil quality, and is not suitable for hydraulic valve system.

After listening to my analysis, the Russian client said that no supplier had ever fed back the requirements of hydraulic oil, and asked me how to make the guidance for the users. We feedback that these problems can be solved as long as HM46 hydraulic oil can be used, it can quickly separate the water mixed in the oil, has excellent oxidation stability and hydrolysis stability, and can resist the influence of air, moisture, high temperature, high pressure and other factors.

After half a year, the Russian customer did not mention this problem. A phone call happened one day, and I knew that after listening to my analysis that day, he immediately suggested that the user try to change the hydraulic oil to improve the service life of the product. This call showed that the effect was obvious and the trust of the user was successfully restored. He appreciated that we found an effective solution for the problem.

AAK Hydraulic valve is not only a comprehensive technology, but also with good after-sales supporting. Don't wait, contact AAK Industry Co., Ltd. if you have any questions.
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