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The gap error between AAK hydraulic cartridge valve and valve block was reduced to 2 μ M-3 μ m, and the order quantity of American customers increased

2023/9/21 | Awards / Reputations

The gap error between AAK hydraulic cartridge valve and valve block was reduced to 2 μ M-3 μ m, and the order quantity of American customers increased
The gap error between the hydraulic cartridge valve and the valve block produced by AAK was reduced to 2μm-3μm, and the sealing oil effect surpassed 95% of its peers. The order volume of American customers increased from 30% to 50%, and there was no quality complaint.

Because of being used to the domestic market, most manufacturers lack a certain awareness of the precision of the products, especially the gap between the hydraulic cartridge valve and the valve block. Once the gap is too large and oil leakage is unavoidable. The 95% of the hydraulic valve manufacturers in the conventional market can only achieve 8μM-10μm, and the sealing effect is just general. After six months of use, the hydraulic system will appear slight Oil leakage phenomenon, this is why many hydraulic cartridge valve use shelf life generally stay in 6 months.

Before March, Lisa, an American customer, purchased a batch of hydraulic valves of different models from our company and another factory at the same time. A few days ago, she sent an email to inform another factory that the hydraulic valves produced by another factory had slight oil leakage, which led to the failure of pressure and flow regulation. She asked us about the last shipment, if there will be similar problems. We don't think so. I told him that in order to save cost, 95% of the products produced by manufacturers can only control the fit gap error between 8μm and 10μm, which leads to the inconsistency of the product's normal use and shelf life. Lisa was skeptical and tested 10 samples from another factory, and the gap error was mostly about 8μM-10μm. At the same time, she also tested and compared the parameters of our samples, and the results showed that the fit gap of our products was 2-3μM. Seeing such big difference and in order to ensure the service life of the products, Lisa increased the order quantity from 30% to 50%. So far, there has been no quality complaint.

Under the premise of normal use, the shelf life of AAK hydraulic valves can generally be controlled for 1-2 years, they are mainly equipped with skilled production masters and advanced production equipment. At the same time, each product is debugged by the R & D team before production, and large-scale production is arranged only after the parameters are tested to be qualified. This is why the gap between AAK hydraulic valve and valve block can be controlled within 2-3μM, and also what most peers lack.

For high quality sealing effect, AAK can save you a lot of costs, don't hesitate, welcome to try!
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