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Plastic Injection Part

Pan Taiwan is the professional Plastic Injection Molding Companies. Injection Machine:50T-1300T Product weight:1g -300g Tolerance:±0.05mm Material:PP, PE, PA, PC, ABS, PS, PET, POM, TPR, TPU, PVC

Dual Injection Part

We are good at making quality dual injection parts by customers design, please contact us with your dual injection request ! Capability: Injection Machine: 50T-400T Product weight: 4g-250g Tolerance: ±0.05mm Material: PP, PE, PA, ABS, PS, PET, POM, TPR, TPU, PVC, TPE

Gas Injection Part

Pan Taiwan also has experiences in making gas injection part. Capability: Injection Machine: 250T Product weight: 50g Tolerance: ±0.10mm Material: ABS

Insert Molding Part

Pan Taiwan is experienced in making insert molding part. Capability: Multi material molding. A perform, either plastic or metal parts is inserted to the mold before the resin injected.

Blow Molding Part

Pan Taiwan also has experiences in making blow molding part. Capability: Machine: auto blow mold machine. Applications: bottles, beverage, hose hold, healthcare, container, etc. Material: PET

Extrusion Part

Pan Taiwan is quality manufacturer of OEM plastic extrusion part. Capability: Material: PVC, ABS, PE, PS, PU, PP, PC, TPR Applications: tube, bracket, etc.

Vacuum Forming Part

Vacuum Forming part can be made by Pan Taiwan. Capability: Machine: 100 X 57cm in size Product size: 80X 60cm at max, 1X 2 cm at min. Material: PS, PET, PVC Applications: tray, package, etc.

Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic Part

To be Environmental -Friendly to the world, try our manufacturing of Oxo-Biodegradable plastic part. D2W Oxo-biodegradable plastic technology (also referred to as “controlled-life plastic” or “smart plastic”) helps to control and expedite the process of degradation. So, rather than remaining r ... (more)

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