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OEM&ODM Metal Housings/Enclosures/Casings

At Teyen Precision, we manufacture an extensive range of metal enclosures for desktop, wall mount, portable and 19" rack mounted electronics equipment, featuring modern and ergonomic design which is suitable for a wide variety of electronics applications including test and measurement equipment and ...(more)

Post time : 2020/7/31 ~ 2020/8/14

OEM&ODM Metal Chassis

Our chassis line ranges from simple formed and welded chassis for prototyping to 19" rack mount chassis for easy board mounting and the perfect protection of your electronic / telecommunication/ audio equipment.

Post time : 2020/7/29 ~ 2020/8/12

OEM&ODM Metal Machined Parts

If you need steel parts machined, be it steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass or cooper, we are one of the most capable and affordable sources, and we get the job done.

Post time : 2020/7/28 ~ 2020/8/11

OEM&ODM Metal Racks

We provide professional manufacturing solutions on Racks basing on your specific needs, fulfilling your specific requirements with our expertise and efficiency. Let us help you create the perfect configuration for your space.

Post time : 2020/7/28 ~ 2020/8/11

OEM&ODM Metal Brackets

We manufacture all kinds of high quality custom brackets by strictly following ISO standards and RoHS compliance requirements.

Post time : 2020/7/28 ~ 2020/8/11

OEM&ODM Metal Stamping Parts

A complete solution for all your precision stamping and metal pressing requirements, from design, manufacture to final products, we produce stamping parts of tight-tolerance, close-pitch and high precision. We intend to keep your stamping needs under one roof.

Post time : 2020/7/28 ~ 2020/8/11

OEM&ODM Metal Panels

Our customized panels are an ideal solution — whether you want to enclose, protect or meet anti-corrosion or anti-oxidization performance requirements.

Post time : 2020/7/28 ~ 2020/8/11

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