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Bluetooth Music Receiver, In-Wall Bluetooth Music Receiver

A-1350, A-1350WP

Bluetooth connectivity: Stream your audio entertainment instantly from any Bluetooth portable device.
Better sound without wires: Listen to movies, music and games through your good speakers from your smartphone.
Keeps your mobile devices mobile: Get a reliable audio connection without having to d ... (more)

2 In 4 Out Toslink Audio Switcher/Splitter

A-1359 / A-1359A

The new 2 in x 4 out S/PDIF Toslink Digital Audio Distribution switcher/Splitter replicates and distributes two (selectable) digital Toslink audio inputs to four Toslink audio outputs. This is a cost-effective solution to duplicate up to two Toslink signals from devices such as DVD player, cable box ... (more)

Bi-Directional IR Extender Over CAT5


•(US/EU/AU/UK Available)
•A-1349K : Bi-Directional IR Extender Over CAT5
•A-1142 : Dual IR Emitter
•A-1178A : IR Receiver
•Power Supply 12V/200mA

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