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Description :
Yellow Stone Corp. is a professional manufacturer of SMD LED. Our SMD LED designed to meet your strict technical and requirements. LED SMD are always made with quality, and that they are offered at reasonable price.LED product include LED Housing, SMD LED, PLCC ,Photodiode, Phototransistor, LED Display, and Infrared LED.

0603 0805 1204 1206
1210 1210 TR7 TR9
Specification :
Chip LED 0402 Spec
BL-Hxx37A 0402 Series download

Chip LED 0603 Spec
BL-Hxx36G 0603 0.4mm Series download
BL-Hxx36A 0603 0.6mm Series download
BL-Hxx36D 0603 0.8mm Series download

Chip LED 0805 Spec
BL-Hxx35A 0805 Series download

Chip LED 1206 Spec
BL-Hxx33 1206 Series download
BL-Hxx33A 1206 with Inner Lens Series download
BR-Hxx33-xx 1206 Resistor Series download
BB-Hxx33-C 1206 Blinking Series download

Chip LED Right Angle Lens Spec
BL-Hxx34A 1204 2.0mm Right Angle Lens Series download
BL-Hxx34C 1204 1.7mm Right Angle Lens Series download
BL-Hxx34E 0802 1.0mm Right Angle Lens Series download

Dual Color Chip LED Spec
BL-Hxxxx36H 0605 Bi-Color Series download
BL-Hxxxx34B 1204 Right Angle Bi-Color Series download
BL-Hxxxx33 1206 Bi-Color Series download
BL-Hxxxx33B 1210 Bi-Color Series download

Tri-Color Chip LED Spec
BL-Hxxxxxx36T 0605 0.4mm Tri Color Series download
BL-Hxxxxxx33F 1210 1.1mm Dual-Tri Color Series download
BL-Hxxxxxx33T 1210 1.1mm Tri Color Series download
BL-Hxxxxxx34S 1004 1.35mm Tri Color Series download

Infrared / Photo Chip LED Spec
BIR-Hxx36A 0603 Infrared Emitting Diodes Series download
BIR-Hxx35A 0805 Infrared Emitting Diodes Series download
BIR-Hxx33 1206 Infrared Emitting Diodes Series download
BIR-Hxx33A 1206 With Inner Lens Infrared Emitting Diodes Series download
BPT-HPx36A 0603 Photo Transistors Series download
BPT-HPx35A 0805 Photo Transistors Series download
BPT-HPx33 1206 Photo Transistors Series download
BPD-HQx33 1206 Photo Diodes Series download

Axial LED Spec
BL-Xxxx61 Axial Series download
BL-Xxxx61-F7 Axial Series with "Gull Wing" download
BL-Xxxx61-F8 Axial Series with "Yoke" download
BL-Xxxx61-F9 Axial Series with "Z" Bent download
Safety/Quality Approvals :
Relative Document Spec
Part No. System for Chip LED Series download
Taping Chip LED download
Soldering & Storage General Information download
Part No. System for Infrared Series download

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