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ZG Technology (ShenZhen) Limited

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PLC Splitter

PLC Splitter

PLC Splitter Rack-Mounted

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Description :

PLC Splitter is a lightwave power divider which bases on quartz foundation plate.
It owns the features of compact size, broad operating wavelength, high reliability
and good uniform power splitting. Especially, it’s suitable in Passive Optical Network(
EPON, BPON GPON ) to connect the central and terminal end equipment,
so that can realize the light signal splitting. Reliable not only can supply the series
products of 1*N and 2*N, but also can supply PLC Splitter suitable for various
occasions on customer requests.

Features :

PLC technology
Low insertion loss, low PDL and small uniformity
High temperature range
Excellent environmental stability
Small design with up to 64 outputs
Available in 1*N and 2*N configurations

Specification :

Passive optical networks (B-PON, G-PON, E-PON)
Digital, hybrid and AM-Video system
CATV networks and data communications
Fiber optic equipments and systems

Safety/Quality Approvals :

Type: 1*2 1*4 1*8 1*16 1*32 2*4 2*8 2*16 2*32 1*64

Other 1 :

PLC Splitter Package types:
-Splitter without connectors
-Splitter with connectors and fan-out kit
-Splitter with connecotors with direct 900um output
-Splitter module with 2mm cable input and output
-Splitter mounted in 19-inch Rack
-Splitter mounted in patchpanel
-Splitter mounted in wall mount optical patchpanel(WMOPP)
-Splitter mounted in FTTH outdoor fiber distribution box

About Us

ZG Technology (ShenZhen) Limited,which is a leading fiber optical passive components manufacturer in ShenZhen city, China, was founded in March, 2005. With strength of Planar Lightwave Circuit Splitters Series (PLC Splitter), Fused Biconical Taper Splitters Series (FBT Coupler), Wavelength Division Multiplexers Series (WDM, CWDM, DWDM, FWDM), Optical Isolator Series, Optical Circulator Series, and Patch Cord Series, our products can be widely used in CATV system, FTTH network, LAN system, Optical Telecommunication system, and they are strictly manufactured, examined and packaged under the system of ISO-9001 quality management. Any questions, please contact Iris Ding: iris(at)optical-solution.c/o/m, Skype: dingbiyang! thank you!
Established Date: 2005/3/1
No. of Employees: 50-100 Persons
Business Type: Manufacturer/OEM

Main Products

Fiber Optical Passive Components: PLC Splitter, Optical Splitter, FBT Coupler, WDM, CWDM,DWDM,FWDM,Optical Isolator, Optical Circulator, Optical Attenuator, Optical Adaptor, Patch cords, In-line attenuator, and so on

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Iris Ding

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