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Earphone Case


We specialize in manufacturing Headphone Accessories, including Earphone Case and Headphone Case.

.Earphone pouch
.Tough round sharp
.Materials: Chemical fiber
.Anti water plash
.Anti shock
.Zipper strap

OEM/ODM Headband


Our company is a reliable manufacturer of Headphone Accessories, specializing in Headband and Headphone Belt for many years.

Customized design for various color, material and needs.

Microphone Sponges Available in Assorted Colors, Microphone Windshield


Our company offers excellent Microphone Sponges, available for various colors and ensuring durable and long-lasting performance.

YNG WEI CO., LTD is one of the leading companies in headphone accessories industry with its high quality and competitive price.
We provide ear pads,headbands,spong ... (more)

Headphone Pouch

MB Series

We offer Headphone Pouch with high quality and competitive price. As an industry leader of Headphone Accessories, our products have a reputation for quality.

.Headphone/earphone bag(MB Series)
.Materials: chemical fiber
.With zipper strap

OEM/ODM Head Strip and Ear Pad


We have rich experience in manufacturing Headband, Earpad, Pouches, Microphone Windshield, Head Belt and Head Strip.

TPU headphone pad


We are superior manufacturer of Headphone Accessories, providing Headphone Pad in a wide range of materials and various sizes; please feel free to contact us if you have and question or requirements.

YNG WEI CO., is specialized in manufacturing ear pads,headbands,microphone windshield,pouches f ... (more)

Headphone pouch


We have been specializing in manufacturing Earphone Accessories for many years. We have confidence in our quality.

.Headphone(YW-BP-01 headphone pouch)
.Material: synthetic-protein soft sponge leather

Headphone Pouch


Our company is a professional manufacturer of Headphone Accessories, offering Head Belt, Headphone Pad, Headphone Bags, Sponges, and Headphone Cases with high quality.

.Headphone/earphone pouch(YW-BP-02 pouch)
.Materials: superior soft sponge leather
.Anti water plash

Headphone Pouch


Headphone Pouch is one of our main products, featuring its Eco-friendly material and. Hence, we Guarantee 2 years life time after outsourcing.

Headphone/earphone pouch(YW-BP-03 pouch)
Material: elastic velvet
Neck strap including

Headphone Pouch


Headphone Pouch is Water washable. We recycle coffee into fabric.
Besides, we also offer Headphone Pouches, Headphone Cases, Headphone Bags, Headphone Carriers, etc.

.Headphone/earphone pouch (YW-BP-01 pouch)
.Materials: superior soft sponge leather
.Anti water plash
.Neck strap i ... (more)

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