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The G-Chen Enterprise Co., LTD to stand erect for twenty years. We have in accordance witty the conviction of quality service and common grow, So we still have fine association and cooperation with customers for twenty years. Because of the conviction, we obtain the believe and support from customers.

  • Main Products :
    Inductor, Filter, SMD, Converter, Transformer, Axial Inductors, Power Inductors, Choke Inductor, CT Transformer, Line Filter, Filters, Common Filter, Common Mode Filter, Choke, Band Choke, Wild Choke, High-Wire Inductor, High Frequency Transformer
  • Country/Region : Taiwan
  • Web Site : www.g-chen-tw.com

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A. High Q values B. High frequency C. advantages of free from iron losses, D. non-linearity E. s ... (more)

EP Type High Frequency Transformers

G-CHEN Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a professional Transformers Manufacturer, providing EP Type High Freq ... (more)

Iron Powder Toroidal Choke Coil

We specialize in manufacturing Iron Powder Toroid Choke Coil, featuring its high quality and competi ... (more)

EFD SMD Type High Frequency Transformers

EFD transformers have a good magnetic, low consume, get high function frequency, and high counterac ... (more)


A. Low profile construction and miniature size. B. Magnetic shielded construction. C. High current ... (more)

Current Inductor for Charge Cord Set

A. High sensitivity B. High Accuracy C. High Primary current D. High insulation resistance E. Po ... (more)

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