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Smart Wristband


LS405-B2 Smart Wristband is used for measuring the walking steps, distance and the consumed calories. This device has bluetooth 4.0 technology, the user can set the time and unit etc. through the bluetooth, and then download the information to the Smart Wristband. The data in the Wristband also can ... (more)

Body Fat Analyzer


LS202-B can pair-up with your smartphone, the measurement data will be automatically transmitted to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can check on our APP—WowGoHealth.

*The symbol will disappear after successful data transmission, and you may check your personal health data stored in your smartp ... (more)

Blood Glucose Meter


Get proven accurate measurements in 5 seconds. The blood glucose measurements will be automatically transmitted to your smartphone. You can share the data with doctors or dietitians to have personalized suggestion.

GSHBGM902 is the best choice for self-testing, monitoring and management of blood ... (more)

Blood Glucose Meter


GSH Blood Glucose Monitoring System successfully pair-up with your smartphone, and the measurement data can be automatically transmitted to your smartphone. With our WowGoHealth app, you can check your data on your mobile anytime, anywhere. Also, you can get an advice through AI365 immediately after ... (more)

Infrared Ear and Forehead Thermometer


Sync with our app, you can check the result on your mobile immediately. GSH351 Infrared Ear and Forehead Thermometer helps the user to do a better body management.

IR Ear Thermometer with Bluetooth


This IR ear thermometer is intended for the intermittent measurement of human body temperature for people of all ages in a home-use environment. The IR thermometer can be sync with the WowGoHealth App by using the Bluetooth connection. This allows the result to be stored in the user account to keep ... (more)

Dynamic HR Sport Wristband


Combining with our WowGoHealth App and the OLED screen, this product can detect the users' steps, calories, heart rate, sleep quality, then record to the App immediately. The users can manage their health more efficiently. What's more, the users can upload their body data to our Cloud, and they woul ... (more)

Body Weight Scale


Sync with WowGoHealth app, you can send your data to our health care experts with your Bluetooth. Also, it could connect to third-party provider, to give the personalized advices to the users.

Use GSH Body Weight Scale, give you a more effective health management experience!

Mood Translator


“Mood Translator” with the measurement of heart rate, vitality age, mood, pressure and many other functions, can also be breathing training, used to relieve the nerves and muscles. It is designed with the small size, light weight, simple and modern style, easy to carry and affordable. Many customers ... (more)

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