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Description :
B-4 powered wheelchair controller is our patent product, and wheelchair controller with Go Ahead, Fall Back, Turn Left and Right Functions. You can control the movement of the two motors as well as the direction and speed via the joystick. It allows the wheelchair to spin 360 degree at the same spot. It has an electromagnetic brake and joystick controlled start and stop. This controller's hardware and software design are reflected the domestic advanced technological capability, it can be adopted to electric wheelchairs, electric scooters, track scooters and so on.The capability credibility,operation agility, speed stable,safety,the lowest failure rate, in the meanwhile advance much humanity electric board display design, you can easily read the file data. The product own best comparation for charastics and price .
Features :
>> voltage:24V
>> maximum current:40A
>> control motor walt: 2*150w---2*320W
>> Protected Voltage( low pressure): 20.5+0.5V, 31V
>> Operating temperature: -20-65 degree
>> Longevity: 1, 000, 000 times
>> Compression resistance of medium: 500V. A. C. /minute
>> Uses PIC16F877 single-chip from the USA.
>>The controller is composed of three circuit boards, with each circuit board "plug-in" connected with each other. This averages the cost of each circuit board and also reduces the cost for replacement.
>>The after-sales service is made very easy because maintenance is achieved by simple replacement of parts and can be provided by the distributors, which greatly reduces the after-sales cost.
>>The design of the controller follows the standard of ISO7176-14, and is FDA510K
>>The controller has been CE/EMC certified since Dec. 2006.
>>two years from ex-factory date for controller, subject to no human damage.No dismantling allowed.
>>Ergonomic and stylish design
>>Program adaptable
>> Two interchangeable batteries, can also act well with one battery.
Specification :
The rated voltage of B-4 type controller is 24V, the maximum current is 40A, the power of motor is below 2X320W.
The B-4 type controller is mainly applied to brush DC motor. The products include: electric wheelchair, electric toy car, electric baby car, etc.
The controller has passed CE attestation in 2004(certificate No: AT0612158E). The chip of the controller is imported from US PIC series. The controller pole has passed 1 million times fatigue test. And the precision of the controller pole reach 99%, the technique keep ahead of the industry. The controller has passed ISO7176 load test too(load 120kg, fatigue test 1000hrs, 100km/h). There are many safeguard and self-diagnosis functions in program design. So the product is high safe and low malfunction.
1.Installation of the controller, show in the picture below:
1.install controller install
The linker marked”- - 电源 ++”is power plug: connect the black and brown line both (marked –– ) to the power cathode , connect the yellow and orange line both to the power anode.
Remark: regarding the cathode and anode, if only connect one of both will be heated by the controller.
2.Left and right motor plugs
Connect the line marked “刹车 R electrode” to right motor.
a.Connect the blue line(face the “电”) to the red of motor, the green line(face the “机”)to the black of motor (if the motor reverse, change the two lines), the thin red and white line marked “刹车” is solenoid brake.
b. connect the line marked “刹车 L 电机 ” to the left motor. Connect the white line(face the “电”) to the red of motor, the gray line(face the “机”) to the black of motor (if the motor reverse, change the two lines), the thin blue and tungsten line marked “brake” is solenoid brake.
3.controller panel indication light and key function instruction
(1). The front ten lights are power electric quantity display lights, if they are not all bright, means the power is not enough, please charge in advance.
(2). The front key-press “CD” in panel is the power on-off switch.
(3). The second front key-press (red horn stripe) in panel is bell key-press.
(4). The five back end lights in panel is gear position display light, showing the maximum speed of wheelchair.
(5). The sign of the two sides which is Symbol” ◄ ►” is gear position adjustment key-press, select the maximum speed.
Usage method
(1). >>Press the power switch key-press CD, the indication light will be bright. Then adjust the key-press of gear position, and achieve to the anticipative expected speed gear position.
>>Move the joystick to the predetermination direction slightly, wheelchair is driven to the selected direction.
>>If wanna to stop, just release the joystick, wheelchair will park soomthly.
>>When driving forward, and you can move the joystick backward to stop in urgent condition.
(2)Selfguard and self-diagnosis function
>>If you connect the cathode and anode reversely, and the controller will not be damaged.
>>The power exceed 29V, and the power display twinkle, and the controller will be selfguard if the voltage exceed 36V.
>>The power of the battery lower than 20V, and front four power lights indicate twinkle.
(3). Motor connect not well, will be selfguarded( the third and fourth gear position indication lights will twinkle)
(4). Solenoid valve all connected not well, will selfguarded( the secondary and fourth gear position display lights will twinkle)
If magnetic valve or motor is short cicuit, and the controller will be selfguard(the second and third gear position indication lights will twinkle.)
Joystick and controller signal failure,will be selfguarded (the fourth and fifth gear position display lights indicate to twinkle.

Remark: When connect the motor cable and find the control direction is reverse from the actuation direction, you should change the left and right plug.
2.Usage of the controller:

a: other function instruction:
Energy display light: when only half of the light is bright, please recharge it.
Data lines interface: the interface is used for data input and power input; a set of precise data has input by data company. If other person or company need to adjust the data, please contact the dealer or professional of your company to modify the program.
1.When motor line and power line are connected, press the power key, the indication light is bright..
2.Move the joystick to the predetermination direction slightly, wheelchair is driven to the selected direction.
3.If you want to stop it, just release the joystick, wheelchair will park smoothly. The distance between release and stop is about 0.2m—1m.
4.When driving forward, you can move the joystick backward to stop in urgency condition. The distance in urgency is about 0.2m—0.8m.
1.Do not put it in over 60℃ zone, and avoid moisture, avoid dust, avoid mechanical shock.
2.Shut the power key before recharge. Charger plug pins should correspond to the three holes of the controller plug, and to avoid damage in mechanical force.
3.If indication light twinkle, you should check the magnetic valve or the plug contact. If it still twinkle after said procedure, you could ask the dealer, and the dealer will dispose it.
4. After-sales service
1.Product warranty is 2 years available. You can take the invoice or receipt to the dealer to repair or replace your controller.
2.If the damage is from your false action or repair or detach it by yourself, we do not have the responsibility to repair.
Safety/Quality Approvals :
CE certification
Other 1 :
Our products are mainly exported to American, India, Iran, indonesian, korea,etc. Our supply ability: 2500set/month. Two pieces controller are matched to per 100 pieces for free as after sale replacing. The order quantity is 50sets or above, we will proide the programmer for free to adjust the controller as your request.
My Trade Terms & Conditions :
Country of Origin :China
Main Export Markets :America,Asia,Middle East etc.
Payment Details
Payment Terms :T/T&Sight L/C
Minimum Order :1  Pieces
Delivery Details
Lead Time :15~20Days
FOB Port :Shenzhen

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