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Soften Water System

Automatic Dual Tank Type Soften Water System
This soften water system mainly remove mineral, especially Ca and Mg which easily make water hard. Hard water easily results in water scaling in pipe and containers, dropping down functions and using period. Also make detergent difficult bubbling, increa ... (more)

Actived Carbon Filter

Actived Carbon Filter can carry out adsorption and filtration when water processing.
Efficiently to deal with water turbidity, odors, residual chlorine, pigment, suspended matters and organic.

If you need Automatic Activated Carbon De-chlorination System, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Automatic Manganese Sand System

Automatic Manganese Sand System will make water turbid, and it will result in dirty spot on clothes, pipe and container. Pipe and container can't exert functions.

Mn and Iron in the groundwater usually exits as Fe(HCO3)3 and Mn(HCO3)4. After touching with manganese sand and oxidant for filtrati ... (more)

Desalination Systems

Sea Water Purification Systems, Desalination Drinking Water System, Convert From RO Seawater
In recent years, due to insufficient rain water and industrial pollution to rivers and lakes, cause the supply of fresh water is decreasing. Ocean is the abundant supplier of world's water.

UF Ultra Filtration System

UF Ultra Filtration System is formed on the basis of membrane separation technology to remove particles by factors of pressure driven process, cross flow design and particle sizes. Feed solution is driven to flow from high osmotic pressure region to low osmotic pressure region. Particles in feed li ... (more)

Automatic RO Drinking Water

Automatic RO Drinking Water is suitable for industry, commercial and drinking use; all equipment is mounted on SUS skid. DW-RO-250UO3~DW-RO-9000UO3 (250~9000 GPD/day) series is in volume production and maintains inventory for shorten the lead-time. Control panel is standardize for ever ... (more)

RO System

Flow capacity in 250GPD~9000GPD is in mass production.
For larger capacity RO System, please contact us.
Customized RO System is available upon request.
Additional options are available for completing while ultra-pure water system.
Ultra-Filtration System, K-PLUS Series Deionizer, mixed-bed deio ... (more)

Reverse Osmosis System

High Quality Reverse Osmosis System is available for OEM service.

If you are looking for reverse osmosis water purification system manufacturer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Automatic Mixed Bed Deionizer

Automatic Operation Mixed Bed Deionizer

Automatic Mixed Bed Deionizer is easy to use and it can provide with good water quality. This system use PLC and pneumatic valve as pilot, during regenerating operation,it can do 10~15 different steps.
If power off, PLC can prevent from data loss, then re ... (more)

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