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Omega Flexible Tube

As a leading manufacturer of Flexible Tubes, we provide Omega Flexible Tubes with high quality and reasonable price.

With special design Omega Flexible Tube have the best flexibility and pliability to absorb large movement of pipelines.

OEM service is available for Omega Flexible Tube.

Bellows Type Flexible Joint


Our company provides two kinds of Bellows Type Flexible Joints: Fixed Flanged Bellows Type Flexible Joint and Floating Flanged Bellows Type Flexible Joint.

Stainless Steel Flexible Joint


OEM service is acceptable for Stainless Steel Flexible Joint.
If you are looking for more details about Stainless Steel Flexible Joint, please feel free to contact us.

Stainless Steel Flexible Joint


We are high quality Pipe Fittings Manufacturer in Taiwan, producing Stainless Steel Flexible Joint, Expansion Joint and Flexible Tube with good quality.
JF-600 Stainless Steel Flexible Joint is used to compensate large offset of pipelines.

Flanged Ends Axial Expansion Joints


Join Force Bellows Co. Ltd. is a high quality Expansion Joints Manufacturer in Taiwan, providing Flexible Joints, Flexible Tube and Flanged Ends Axial Expansion Joints with good quality.

If you are searching for Flanged Ends Axial Expansion Joints, please feel free to contact us.

Stainless Steel Universal Expansion Joint


Stainless Steel Universal Expansion Joint should be installed in the offset of pipelines to absorb the movement of pipelines. When it is used in a pipeline, Stainless Steel Universal Expansion Joint must be fully extended and perpendicular to the direction of pipeline movement. To ensure the proper ... (more)

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