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YuYao Icegan Seals&Gaskets Factory

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Flexible Graphite Tape

Flexible Graphite Tape

2024/4/18 ~ 2024/5/25


Plain Flexible Graphite Tape
Product Description
Plain flexible graphite tape is cut from our flexible graphite rolls by exact lather which offers excellent sealing capabilities under extreme conditions. Our graphite tape has excellent tensile strength, compressibility and recovery; It is the best filler material for making spiral wound gaskets.
*Filler for spiral wound gaskets.
*In-situ pump and valve gland packing.
*Manufacture of graphite die-formed rings.
*Facing material for comprofile type gaskets.
*Filler for metal jacketed type gaskets.
Density 1.0g/cm3
Carbon Content 99%
Leachable Chloride 50ppm Max.
Sulphur Content 1000ppm Max.
Tensile Strength ≥ 4.0Mpa
Compressibility ≥ 45%
Recovery ≥ 10%
Working Temperature -200 ° C to +3300 ° C Non-Oxidizing
-200 ° C to +500 ° C Oxidizing
-200 ° C to +650 ° C Steam
PH 0-14

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Charles Liu
0086 17357458115
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