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Hopeland Tech Co.,Ltd

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Sell Pre-stressed Concrete Pole Spinning Machine

Sell Pre-stressed Concrete Pole Spinning Machine

2024/5/23 ~ 2024/12/31


We are Hopeland Tech Co.,Ltd. who are special on producing various spinning machine.

This machine is a kind of mould equipment, which used for making a variety of different diameter and length of reinforced concrete poles and other cement products.

This machine is operated by remote-controlled continuously variable motor. It runs smoothly and has a variable-speed range. So the production of concrete pipes and piles are good at quality.

The base of the machine is welded in box-type structure, sturdiness and durability. The bearings are sealed and reliable, long life. Random electric control equipment is complete and easy to use.

Product Feature

There are many advantages of pre-stressed concrete poles, so they are developing rapidly. Compared with common concrete poles, their strong points are as follows:

A. saving a great deal of steel, about 30~70% (employing cold drawn steel wire can save 30%~60%; employing high stress steel wire can save 40%~69%);

B. crack resistance increased 3~5 times;

C. rigidity increased 1~3 times;

D. reducing the cost (using cold drawn steel wire can reduce 25%~40%; using high stress steel wire can reduce 12%~21%);

E. good durability, can delay the existence and expansion of cracks;

F. protect the environment on which human beings depend on for existence, and reduce the deforestation.

Product Specification/Models

A Summary of Pre-stressed Poles Development Trend

Pre-pressed concrete poles are produced strictly according to two standards namely GB396-94 Circular Reinforced Concrete Pole and GB4623-94 Circular Pre-stressed Concrete Pole of P.R.C., which guided enterprises and construction units for manufacture.

If you want to get more details,pls contact:

trade at 85xianji dot com

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