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Description :

  • There is no need to put in the liquid and dry the granules as well during the process of dry granulation.
  • Dry granulation can turn the low density, light and bad fluidity materials into high density and very good fluidity materials as well as can tablet directly.
  • Applicable to the materials which need to be made with dry compression, granulation and granule trimming.
  • Used for food, Chinese and western medicines, chemical of biotech materials and etc.
  • Features :

  • The particle finished products are ideal for directly tableting and filling capsules.
  • Applicable to various dry granulations to get high specific gravity, good fluidity and stability.
  • Use advanced screw feeding mechanism to ensure stable feeding.
  • The vertical scrunch design with hydraulic control to ensure the hardness of products in consistency.
  • Has a new two-phase granule trimming equipment that can change sieve ring to adjust the particle sizes of powder. Roller has a cooling system that is ideal for heat-sensitive materials.
  • Feeding hopper equips with an oil-pressure up and down device.
  • Roller equips with an oil-pressure adjustment device and water circulation & temperature down design.
  • Stainless steel machine is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Specification :



    40 ~ 80 (kg/hr)



    MACHINE SIZE (L x W x H) m/m

    1250 x 850 x 1700 m/m

    PACKING SIZE (L x W x H) m/m 1500 x 950 x 1900 m/m
    WEIGHT (KG) 700 KG

    Remarks: Output is available according to powder character and the evenness of powder granules. The above figures are for reference only; the specifications can be modified by manufacturer as needed.

    About Us

    Shing Tse was established in 1966 (former Ta Chung Shing and former Shing Tse Machinery Co., Ltd.) and its name had been changed into Sing Tse Precision Co., Ltd. from Shing Tse Machinery Co., since 2009. We have more than decades experiences in professional production and selling of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food, chemical and chocolate candy equipment. Our “double rod tablet machines”, that had been sold more than 1000 units, were well-known in Taiwan in the early days; our “universal high speed mill’ with good quality also have been sold to many countries around the world. Our company successfully developed a series of professional production equipment of “tablet machines, mills, granulators. Our excellent products have been loved and adopted by domestic and foreign manufacturers in pharmaceutical, food, biotechnology industries. We have been made every effort to research, develop and produce a series of “high speed tablet machines” besides enhancing production of precision professional pharmaceutical equipment in recent 10 years. Our company has again been approved and resounded by biotechnology, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and electronic industries. We Shing Tse Precision Co., Ltd. will speed up our development and research on manufacturing innovative & accurate products for satisfaction of requirements of customers as well as hope to have your full support and encouragement in the future.
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