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Description :
* AC/DC Power Module
* Universal Input 90~264VAC
* High Efficiency Up To 80%
* Protection: Short Circuit /Overload
* Fully Encapsulated Plastic Case
* 2 Years Warranty
* ROHS Compliant
Features :
3 Watt Single AC-DC Converter is small and lightweight , ideal for use in a wide variety of applications, such as portable equipment , semiconductor test equipment, test-and-measurement , Telecommunication equipment, industrial robot systems, mixed/digital systems and automatic control equipment Application Solutions which needs high performance and low cost.

This GA003 series AC/DC converters are encapsulated in Epoxy resin, providing fully isolation 2.5KVac between Input and Output.
It’s input range From 90Vac to 264Vac / 120Vdc to 370Vdc , suitable for most countries in the world and output voltages have 3.3VDC , 5VDC , 12VDC, 15VDC, 24VDC can be Selected. Output current is rated up to 800mA, while line and load regulation is ±1% and ±2% respectively. Voltage output accuracy is +/- 5%. Free air convection to cooling.
We also can make customized design of this series of AC/DC converters for you.
Specification :
Specifications typical at TA=25°C, nominal input voltage and rated output current unless otherwise specified
Part Number Output
Output Volatge Output Current Efficiency
(W) Vdc mA %(TYP)
GA003-S03 2.64 3.3 800 72
GA003-S05 3.0 5 600 75
GA003-S12 3.0 12 250 78
GA003-S15 3.0 15 200 78
GA003-S24 3.0 24 125 79
Input Specifications:
Parameters Conditions Min Typ Max Units
Rated input voltage Io nom 100-240 VAC
Input voltage range Vo, Io nom AC in 90 264 VAC
DC in 120 370 VDC
Line frequency Vi nom.lo nom 47 50/60 63 Hz
Inrush current lo nom Vi:115VAC 10 A
Vi:230VAC 18 A
Output Specifications:
Parameters Conditions Min Typ Max Units
voltage accuracy Vi nom,lo nom ±1 ±3 %
Minimun load Vi nom 0 %
Line regulation lo mon,Vi min...Vi max ±1 %
Load regulation Vi nom, Single output models ±2 %
Transient recovery time Vi nom,Io nom=I←→0.5Io nom 300 uS
Ripple & noise Vi nom,Io nom, BW=20MHz 150 mVp-p
Efficiency Vi nom,Io nom,Po/Pi Up to 79%,See models list
General Specifications:
Parameters Conditions Min Typ Max Units
Switching frequency Vi nom,lo nom 65 KHz
Isolation voltage Input / output 2.5KVac / 5mA / 5Secs
Isolation resistance Input / output ,@500Vdc 100
Ambient temperature Operating at Vi nom,lo nom -20 +70 °C
Derating Vi nom,lo nom +51 to 71oC 2 %/°C
Case temperature Operating at Vi nom,lo nom +85 °C
Storage temperature Nom operational -40 +85 °C
Relative humidity Vi nom,lo nom 95 % RH
Dimension L35.05 x W25.40 x H17.78 mm
Cooling Free air convection
Case material DAP UL 94V-0
Weight 30g
Temperature Derating Graph :
  1. Recommended circuit: Typical application circuit is shown as Figure 1. If EMC performance is not required, Circuit in frame of dashed line can be removed.
  2. Clearance and creepage: for application Environment of Class I and Class II devices, users should guarantee there is clearance no less than 2mm and creepage no less than 2.5mm between L and N before the fuse.
  3. Fuse, 1A/250V or 10Ω/2W wire-wound resistor.
  4. Input filtering capacitor. Terminals 22 and 26 are internal rectification and filtering terminals. To protect the models further, it is recommended to connect an electrolytic capacitor C4 (it is recommended to be 4.7uF/400V). If operation voltage of the module is between 160~264VAC, C4 can be removed.
  5. Input EMI filtering network.(Refer to Figure1) Combination of NF, C1, C2 and C3 form input EMI filtering network.
    MOV: pressure sensitive resistor, model 471KD07
    C1: X capacitor, recommended parameter 0.01uF/275V
    CY: 102K/400V (Y1 CAP)
    NF: common model choke, UU9.8 or ring core, inductance is about 10mH, wire diameter 0.22mm.
  6. Output filtering capacitor C5 is electrolytic capacitor. To make sure the product work at perfect operation status with full loading external capacitor is necessary and it is recommended to use high frequency low resistance electrolytic capacitor. The isolation voltage derating of capacitor is larger than 80%. Please refer to manufacturer’s datasheet for capacitance and current parameters.
  7. "Z" is a TVS to protect post circuits (when module works incorrectly), is recommended.
  8. Refer to RIPPLE TESTING DEMONSTRATION,C6 is recommended to be 0.1uF.
Markings and dimensions:


PIN Connection:
PIN 1 3 13 14 16 22 26
Function L N NC -Vout +Vout +Vin(DC) -Vin(DC)
  1. Please make sure all terminals are connected in accordance with instruction manual.
  2. The module is a sort of electronic components, installing and using should be implemented by professionals.
  3. This series of power module is a sort of first level power supply, safety standard must be strictly abided in application.
  4. Make sure the input of module is connected with a fuse, to meet the requirement of safety standard. The parameters of fuse should be appropriate.
  5. The input and output of module are dangerous energies, and it must be guaranteed that end users will not be able to touch them.
  6. Application circuits and parameters are for reference only. They should be confirmed by experiment before finish a circuit design.
  7. You may not be noticed for amendments and updated of this document. Please pay attention on new application in actual application.
  8. This product can not be used in parallel and can not support hot-plug.

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