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GN Thermo Ring

Excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance are required for rings which are always exposed to high temperature gas and oil or molten metals. Used for piston ring of die casting machine and oil seal of supercharger.

Lock Seal Ring

Lock step joint type, used as oil seal for shaft, joint is locked so that it is opened within specified level.

PVD Coated Ring

Physically vapor Deposited Tin or CrN layer has the property of anti-sticking.

Taper Faced Ring

Uniform distribution of nodular graphite in the tempered Martensite or Bainite structure, It has good oil scraping and gastight properties, good break resistance and durability, suitable 2nd ring of for four-cycle engines.

PU Type Spacer & Cr Rails

Steel combined oil ring, Hard Cr plating and lapping on rails working faced, most effective for improving oil consumption performance and durability. for diesel engines used in small-sized passenger cars.

RS Type SN Spacer & GN Rails

Salt bath soft nitride of spacer exp., gas nitrided of stainless steel rails.
Low inertia force at the time of high speed operation because of light weight, wide passage area for oil draining, excellent durability.

TX Type Expander & Cr Rails

Hard Cr plating and lapping on rails working faced, high uniform wall pressure over the whole circumference, and excellent wear resistance.

GN Taper Faced Ring

Gas nitrided stainless steel ring has excellent durability,
GN taper faced ring used for hi-power comp ring and compression rings of four-cycle engines.

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