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Cr Plated Half Keystone Ring

Keystone ring made of ductile cast iron is scuffing resistant and withstand high temperature,
Cr plated half keystone ring suitable for all kinds engine.

Chrome Plated Taper Faced Ring

Materials of chrome plated taper faced ring is ductile cast iron.
It has high elasticity, good oil scraping and gastight properties, excellent wear resistance, used for comp.
Rings of four-cycle engines.

GN Ring

Gas nitrided stainless steel ring has excellent durability, The functioning part has almost two to four times long life compared to chrome plated ring.

GN Taper Faced Ring

Gas nitrided stainless steel ring has excellent durability,
GN taper faced ring used for hi-power comp ring and compression rings of four-cycle engines.

Interrupted Scraper Ring

Undercut machining is interrupted at both ends of the joint.
Interrupted scraper ring has an oil scraping property which is inherent to the scraper type as well as control action against blow-by which is caused by undercutting.

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