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NF Type Flex & Cr Rails

Flex expander/segment, Hard Cr plating and lapping on rails working faced, have high flexibility with sufficient side seal, and keep excellent characteristics on oil control.

RS Type Spacer & Cr Rails

Oil Ring: Consists of three steel components, that is upper and lower rails(spring steel) and one spacer(stainless steel) being held between two rails. Hard Cr plating and lapping on rails working faced, excellent wear resistance.

M Type Cr Oil Ring(DV-Σ)

Hard Cr Plating and lapping on ring working faced, with small section due to sufficient strength of steel. Then it performs excellent oil control, till the end of the service life with low tension and low friction.

Coil Exp. Cr Oil Ring

Ring width is relatively large and coil diameter is increased to obtain high tension.
The working face is Cr plated in the majority of cases, this ring used for medium size, medium speed diesel engines.

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