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It can connect to IV catheter for intravenous injection.

Latex free injection port of the IV Lock.

There are 2 standard types: Luer Slip & Luer Lock.

E.O. Gas Sterilization.

Extension Tube

The Extension Tube can be used to Luer slip and luer lock connector.
Suitable for different length and different dimension tube use.
The resistant pressure up to 1200 psi.
Colied line is available.

Extension Tube - T type

Extension sets are available in various lengths and dimensions to accommodate various applications.

Safety Type Burette Infusion set

Infusion sets with Burette are specially designed to administer measured volume of infusion fluid through gravity as well as pressure pump method, especially to administer infusion.

A.V. Fistula Needle Set

Our company specializes in manufacturing professional Infusion Set and Transfusion Set.

A.V. fistula needles set are indicated for use in conjunction with connector of Hemodialysis blood tubing set.

Ultra wall and siliconized fistula needle with or without back eye.

It is available for ... (more)

Huber Needle/Winged needle Set

90 degree Huber Needle Set with excellent quality.

Huber Needle Set is designed for sole and easily to insert into vascular access device and continuously intra-arterial infusion chemotherapy.

Low Volume and Non-DEHP tubing.

Priming volume 0.25ml and 0.5ml

Tubing length 7.5inches approx ... (more)

Hemodialysis Blood Tubing Set

Perfect Medical produces dialysis blood line tubing set consist of arterial and venous lines, used during dialysis and are attached with A.V.fistula and dialyzer.

Arterial blood tubing : the portion of the tubing set that transports blood from the patient to the hemodialyzer inlet port.

Venous ... (more)

I.V. Lock / Heparin Lock

It can connect to IV catheter for intravenous injection.

Latex free injection port of the IV Lock.

E.O. Gas Sterilization.

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