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Yuh Chern Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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7 Ton Enclosed Track Conveyor Chain
7 Ton Enclosed Track Conveyor Chain 7 Ton Enclosed Track Conveyor Chain 7 Ton Enclosed Track Conveyor Chain 7 Ton Enclosed Track Conveyor Chain

7 Ton Enclosed Track Conveyor Chain

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Description :

HW = Horizontal Wheel VW = Vertical Wheell HVW = Horizontal & Vertical Wheel

- Load Wheel Capacity <70kg
- hain Pitch = 200mm
- ensile Strength =7000kgf

This is a commonly used heavy-duty enclosed track conveyor chain. This smart-design system utilizes a two-wheel loaddispersing conf iguration to actively reduce the load on any given bearing.
Using a horizontal and vertical wheel, the two-wheel design can evenly bear the tension from the chain while negotiating the curves of any track. This also enhances the longevity of the track, which allows for smooth operations.
The design of the chain is precise and the structure is simple. The cross joints are alloy steel forged and are harmoniously assembled and interlocked with the chain links without the use of added f ittings, such as Cotter Pins. This eliminates the danger of any connecting parts coming loose and falling. Both the horizontal and vertical wheels use specially designed bearings for performance.
The chain itself is made of carbon steel and heat treated to achieve flexible steering, strong tensile strength and greater load capacity.

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Yuh Chern Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specialize in hot forging and provide best OEM services, by skilled CNC machining, etc. high quality manufacturing process. We also offer wheel bearing protector, etc. products, based on our company experiences which started with production and distribution of conveyor chains and accessories. We specialize in the technical fields below: Forging Stamping CNC Machining Robotic Welding Precision Casting Custom Fabrication Plastic Injection Molding Aluminum / Zinc Die Casting We provide a variety of products for customers in different types of raw material available include : Iron Plastic Zinc Alloy Alloy Steel Carbon Steel Copper Steel Stainless Steel Aluminum Alloy Quality Assurance : Challenge Hardware Inc. not only provides competitive prices, excellent quality but also helps customers to solve technical problems, improve quality, reduce extra costs, and assist customers to become more competitive. To receive price quotation for your special products, please send your sketch, drawing, specifications or samples for reference. All product information & data will be kept private / confidential within the Challenge Hardware Inc. system. Please contact us with feedback or for further information. We look forward to serving your company.
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