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Rubber Process Analyzer [RPA]


We always keep a close eye on the overall production process ensuring that international norms of manufacturing are ethically followed.
High quality Rubber Process Analyzer (RPA), Ucan supplies with specification and description particularized listed for your reference.

Tensile Strength Tester


The Universal Testing Machine, which also known as a Tensile Strength Tester, can show and print all testing values, curves on the monitor. Of course Automatic 0 adjustment at the start of each testing. See more details below about Universal Tester and Tensile Strength Tester .

Electronic Densimeter


The Electronic Densimeter MD-300S provides a highly accurate calculation. The unique Gravity Balance tech can reduce the errors and create convenient use for you.

For more detailed information please contact us: U-CAN DYNATEX INC.

Rebound Resilience Elasticity Tester


The UA-2207 Rebound Resilience Elasticity Tester is for the following applications and standards.
Based on impact velocity, range of indication and Temperature chamber.
There are also more features about Rebound Tester, Rebound Testing Equipment and Machine.

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