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PC Softlite Sheet

PC Softlite Sheet

PC Softlite Sheet

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Features :

1. Why we decide to create the “SoftLite” ?
As we design the “SOFTLITE”, we’ve plus the Corrugated PC Sheet structure on it and it could be applied to reduce the heat penetration .Its intensity is between PC Solid sheet & Embossed sheet with sunshade effect. So the strengths for the “SOFTLITE” listed as following:

A. With the strength of Corrugated PC sheet structure :
The SOFTLITE is thin & strong that’s because we use the same structure as Corrugated PC sheet but without the weakness of Corrugated PC Sheet. Then we did ignore the real function of PC flat sheet which will be tougher when it is thin. For example :The regular PC corrugated sheet(5 grooves) is made for the natural lighting of steel-construction factory use .The thickness design for 0.8mm~1.0m/m is using popularly and to instead of the traditional FRP sheet.

B. The applications of Emboss sheet is for: The surface and appearance of Regular PC flat sheet only could be produced like the transparency of regular glass or only could be produced by embossed design . Each of these two different sheet just could be designed and produced individually which could not be put on the single sheet at the same time. The characteristic of glass is transparency but it will lighting much through to transmit heat to much, the temperature in interior of the house is often over the load of human could stand. Otherwise, the strength of the emboss sheet are refraction and reduce the heat-transmission but at the same it will reduce the light into indoor. It will make the vision of darkness especially in the morning, nightfall & cloudy day. Therefore, the SOFTLITE has the strength of glass & emboss sheet and with well-lighting & less-heating concurrently. “ Only tender vision, no heating” is what we emphasize always. You can understand the light’s different transmission on the SOFTLITE more clear as following diagram: The conclusion that this is the best PC lighting sheet for the strength well-rigidity, well-lighting & competition price.

2. You don’t have to change the way of construction as before:
The design of the regular corrugated sheet and Arc-corrugated sheet although with the well-rigidity even can be collocated into steel-construction factory for lighting. But the defect is can’t be settled on curve-bone frame, especially on “ㄇ” type construction frame because it easy to make the surface twist with force even broken. The SOFTLITE has the same design of the surface with regular corrugated sheet but without the defect of regular corrugated sheet on installing. Therefore it can adopt the same install way and no extra train for installing.

3. The Comparison Table of PC Sheet:
Items Pc flat sheet PC hollow profile sheet SOFTLITE
1.Impact strength medium low high
2.Banding Strength medium low high
3.Rigidity low high medium
4.Total Diaphaneity Ratio 87% 78% 58%
5.Heat Isolation bed good good
6.Dust Stickiness high high low
7.Appendant Value low medium high
8. Life Period over-saturated Saturated just germinal
9. Market Future bed medium excellent

4.SOFTLITE PC Sheet Design & Features
Design Features
1. a. To improve both the PC flat sheet & PC embossed sheet
b. Avoid the impact of direct sunshine. Utilization of the photo spectrum will let the sunshine become declining and the light become tender .
1. a. Reducing the thermo conductivity from regular PCclear sheet ; Improving the luminous conductivity from regular PC embossed sheet .
b. The interval fine embossed surface, decline diaphanous surface band structural and highly rigid structure design help to improve above disadvantages to avoid the directly sunshine and make the declining light tender.
2. a. The plates of the upper and lower peak are built in reverse direction and with low static electricity, fine embossed design.
b. The material could keep away the pollution in a very long term and very easily to be cleaned up by the rain.
2. a. In considering of the requirements of the exterior PC sheet , the light is the only favor instead of the heat.
b. When the strongest sunshine hit the embossed surface of SOFTLITE , around 50% of light would be reflected. In this way the interior would be with enough luminous but less heat.
c. The fine-grain design keeps away the sticking of dusts on the surface.
3. The flat transparent design on the decline part.
3. a. When the sun shines on the sheet in declination, 40% of the light is allowed to go through the flat transparent surface band into the interior of the room.
b. The flat transparent surface gives the light effects of the primary and secondary reflections.
4. The highly rigid structure has increased the strength much more than increasing the thickness of the flat sheet.
4. The highly rigid structure has replaced the way by increasing the thickness of the sheet for a better strength.

Specification :

Typical Properties of SOFTLITE embossed & corrugated sheet (1mm)
\ Property Conditions ASTM Method Units-SI Value
Physical Density D-1505 g/cm3 1.2
Water Absorption 24 hr. @23°C D-570 % 0.15
Mechanical Tensile strength at yield 10 mm/min D-638 MPa 62
Tensile strength at break 10 mm/min D-638 MPa 65
Elongation at yield 10 mm/min D-638 % 7
Elongation at break 10 mm/min D-638 % >80
Tensile Modulus of Elasticity 10 mm/min D-638 MPa 2,300
Flexural Modulus 1.3 mm/min D-790 MPa 1,890
Flexural Strength at Yield 1.3 mm/min D-790 MPa 93
Notch Impact Strength IzodIzod 23°C D-256 J/m 800
Notch Impact Strength Charpy 23°C D-256 J/m 800
Impact Falling Weight ISO-6603/1a J 50
Rockwell Hardness D-785 R scale 118
Thermal Long Term Service Temperature °C -75 to +100
Short Term Service Temperature °C -75 to +120
°C 135
Heat Deflection Temperature Load: 1.82 MPa D-648 °C
Vicat Softening TemperatureVicat Load: 1 kg D-1525 °C 150
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion D-696 10-5cm/cm °C 6.5
Thermal Conductivity C-177 W/m K 0.21
Specific Heat Capacity C-351 kJ/kg K 1.3
Optical Haze D-1003 % <0.5
Light Transmission D-1003 % 90
Refractive Index D-542 1.57
Yellowness Index D-1925 <1
Electrical Dielectric Constant 1 kHz D-150 2.6
1 MHz D-150 2.4
Dissipation Factor 1 kHz D-150 0.005
1 MHz D-150 0.02
Dielectric Strength Short Time 500 V/s D-149 kV/mm 20
Surface Resistance Ketley D-257 Ohm 4.1x1015
Volume Resistance Ketley D-257 Ohm-cm 1.7x1017

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Tileron was established in 1993. Until now, we have 8 extrusion lines already. We are also proud that Tileron is the 1st maker who produce Polycarbonate Hollow Profile Sheet in Taiwan. Tileron also can supply many kinds of Plastic Sheet, such as ABS, HIPS, PS and PC. We are a professional manufacturer in Plastic Extrusion field.
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