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The Ox-brand Pharmacy Co., Ltd. is originated from the former Ox-brand Pharmacy Store. Since the establishment in 1905, Ox-brand has been well acknowledged by the pharmaceutical industry for products like eye ointment,and Eye Drops Digestives and stomachics. GMP Software Review passed.

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    Ointment, Granules, Capsules, Tablets, Pills, Chili powders, Pharmaceutical, Eye Ointment, Eye Drops Digestives, Stomachic Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Pharmacy,Medical, Chinese Medical, Chinese Herbal
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Licence : DOH-OM-4405

Good for stopping cough with styptic pectorals; Reducing sputum; Releaving lung pressure and asthma; ... (more)

Licence : DOH-PM-17634

Allergic skin and neuro-dermatitis; Eczema; Dermatophytosis and candidiasis; Pruritus scrotum; Chron ... (more)

Licence : DOH-OM-007337

Running nose caused by cold; Nose clogged-up; Rhinitis; Suppurative sinusitis

Licence : DOH-OM-009856

Inefficiency of liver blood flow; Dizziness; Watery eyes

Licence : DOH-PM-13894

Acute and chronic eczemas; Infant eczema; Eczema seborrheica; Transfering eczema; Infective dermatit ... (more)

Licence : DOH-OM-6204

Urinary Incontinence; Aconuresis; Having trouble urinating; Sychnuria; Good for maintaining mind tra ... (more)

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