Dah Heer Industrial Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)  
Since established in 1976, Dah Heer Industrial Co., Ltd. has specialized in researching, designing, manufacturing and selling of quality crochet machines for over 30 years. Although Dah Heer has occupied up to 80% the market share of Crochet Machines, they were  
not satisfied with it. “We decided to cooperate with TradeAsia to extend our market toward other countries. Thanks TradeAsia. Our inquiries come from not only China, Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, Oceania, Africa, but also from Occident. “
The company's site is: http://www.da-hu.com
was established in 1990 with over twenty years experiences in producing various kind of Magnetic Components for telecommunication, network and medical equipment applications. YDS is able to provide flexible delivery and made lots of effort on quality, reliability  
and application assistance.“To survive in this competitive market, we chose to team up with TradeAsia to cope with YDS‘s marketing and exploring markets. We strongly recommend TradeAsia since they bring us lots of inquiries from countries where we never believe possible.”
The company's official site is: www.yuan-dean.com.tw

  Epoch Energy Technology Corp. ( Taiwan )
Dedicated to providing green energy solutions, EPOCH Energy Technology Corporation (EPOCH) specializes in Oxy-Hydrogen Generators, which change ordinary soft water into a clean burning fuel that can be used to replace traditional gas fuels.  
EPOCH is now a publicly traded corporation in Taiwan’s emerging stock market and is actively seeking OTC status. We has cooperated with TradeAsia and many thanks for their great support.
For more information, please visit our website: www.oxy-hydrogen.com
  Pro-Supra International Corp. (Taiwan)
My company has been in exercise equipment business for a few decades. Our brand Pro-Supra is well known in this field. Conventional marketing is very expensive, time consuming and ineffective. Luckily we chose TradeAsia as our online marketing provider three years ago.  
Our growth has been phenomenal. We have explored the markets which we had never believed possible. TradeAsia is great and I strongly recommend it.
The company's official site is http://www.pro-supra.com

  Herman Tsai, TRENDWARE Products Co., Ltd.
Reputed marketplace & good services. Over half of our website traffic was directed from TradeAsia. This is the best trade site and an effective way of international promotion as I rate it. My success experience may be useful to fellowmembers. And I want to thank my  
dear friends at TradeAsia for doing a superb job.
The company's site is http://www.china-foodservices.com
  Renkey Chang , Tai Shen Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd.
TradeAsia has become our strong marketing tool since we joined TradeAsia. They offer assorted marketing functions & excellent service, and their performance is always superior than we expected. The most important is that we received many worldwide inquiries  
everyday. We are much appreciated for TradeAsia's support.
The company's site is http://www.neox-fitness.com

Tony Wu, Lemar Industrial Co. (Taiwan)  
TradeAsia is a key element for marketing solutions. Our company works with TradeAsia, since many years during which time they have provided my business with excellent support in the areas of site optimisation, search engine analysis and site submission.  
Their work has been a major factor in our website's success, helping it to become one of the most visited resources of its kind on the Internet.
I can confidently recommend TradeAsia as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field.
You can visit our website at http://www.lemar.com.tw
Emma Wu, Reysports Industrial Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)  
We are a manufacturer of PVC, NBR/PVC, TPE, Natural Rubber and related plastic materials for Sporting and Leisure goods in Taiwan. When joining TradeAsia one and half years ago, we received much more inquiries thanthe previous years, and have successfully  
built up business relationship with many reliable and good partners. TradeAsia is the best and most effective trade site to distribute our products to the worldwide. Dear Friends in TradeAsia, thanks for the great job you do~
The company's site is http://www.reysports.com

Yeunon Industrial Corp. (Taiwan)  
With the state-of-art facilities and computerized management system, Yeunon has been a leading manufacturer of metal hardware, metal plate spring and electronic components.  
“We have cooperated with TradeAsia for 14 years, and our sales keep rising due to the excellent buyers and orders.”
The company's official site is: http://www.yeunon.com.tw
Cometech Testing Machines Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)  
We start ed in 1997 a small company and become a good manufacturer by working with some famous compan ies in Europe and America , and establish a good relationship with many foreign agents. Obviously, these achievements are due to our R&D efforts .  
Our first goal is to make Cometech a well-known brand both in Taiwan and overseas . We will keep making progress by supplying high quality product s at reasonable cost.
Please visit our website http://qc.come-tech.com.tw for more information. Thank you e-TradeAsia.com

  Lifecare Instruments Co., Ltd. ( Taiwan )
Life Care is known for its sole product Skeeter Guard, a mosquito repellent patch. Skeeter Guard is a DEET free, safe, effective & natural patch against mosquitoes and pests.  
We have been a client of AsianNet since 2007. With the help of AsianNet, Skeeter Guard has attained popularity in overseas markets. Inquiries for it have been from many parts of the world such as Central & South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Europe. Great job! AsianNet. Thank you all.
The company's official site is http://www.lifecare4all.com/
  Verna Lin, Ho Lee Co., Ltd. ( Taiwan )
It's been over a year since my company joined TradeAsia as a gold member and used its global marketing solution iGPS to explore trade opportunities worldwide. Trade leads and inquiries have been coming in on a daily basis.  
We have continuously made big sales and established many good business contacts around the world over the last several months. Thank you TradeAsia.
More information about Ho Lee Co., Ltd. can be found at http://www.holeeplastics.com.tw

Jim Way Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)  
Jim Way is a professional manufacturer of conveyor parts business in Taiwan and we thank TradeAsia for bringing more inquiries from all around the world. Thanks to TradeAsia, we save a lot of time & cost in search of new customers this year.  
Our website is http://www.roller.com.tw
  Steve Huang, Bontron Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
    We are a supplier of measurement products and test equipment worldwide. International buyers found us on e-TradeAsia.com and inquired about our products such as handheld meters, temperature controllers, handheld datalogger,thermometers. Just recently we converted one inquiry and secured a big order. It is an incredible ROI. Thank you TradeAsia.  
The company's site is http://www.bontron.com.tw

  Helen Zhang, Bears International Co., Ltd. ( China )  
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  Jack Yu, Yon Jiuh Enterprise Co., Ltd. ( China )  
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  Joseph Y. Henderson, PZD & Associates(Canada )  
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  Nishant Sharma, IndianIndustry.com (India)  
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  Binoy Hoskote, Newcastle_Creations (India)  
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  Saim_maher, Pak (Pakistan)  
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  Leaf, Redsail Tech Co., Ltd (China)  
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