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Services and Products
AsianNet's current service offerings include the global trade portal and marketplace -, B2B & B2C
e-commerce, online payment solutions, trade promotion & international marketing, development of various Web applications, domain name service and Web hosting.
Trade Portal & Global Marketplace
A prominent marketplace with more than 700 thousand members and close to one million products. Members receive great benefits which include introduction of company and services, showcase of 20 products, publishing of business news, trade leads posting, and large amount of trade inquiries from around the world.

For paid services, offers Gold Membership which has the privilege of top listings in TradeAsia for keyword search and directory listings. Besides, offers various banner services to give customers' great exposure.

Web Builder
A robust website building platform that enables do-it-yourself development of versatile corporate portal on the Web. It gives you the ability to build, launch and manage your website online in just minutes! Web Builder offers hundreds of templates, multilingual capabilities, B2B and B2C functions, member system, inquiry manager, online marketing and more.
Dynamic Optimization Solutions
The service materializes your search engine marketing. DO Service turns contents of average sites into optimized contents which improves the ranking of a website in search engine listing. DO Service dynamically converts your contents into the best format for search engine robots to crawl and index. You don't need to be a SEO expert to reap the benefits of an optimized site.
Google Adwords
This Google Certified Partner has met Google's requirements to attain recognition as a Qualified Google Advertising Professional. Companies must successfully enroll in the Google AdWords Certification Program, have at least one employee who is Individually Qualified in order to earn the right to get the Google Certified Partner badge.
( has 1 individuals who have successfully passed the Google Advertising Professional Exam.)
Asia Domain Bank
Being one of the largest and the most prominent domain name services worldwide, Asia Domain Bank offers you domain name services including registering top level domains and multi-lingual domains, self administering your domains, and self manageing DNS. Since 1996, Asia Domain Bank has been the most trusted registry on the Web for domain names and DNS.
P@S Payment Solution
It allows consumers or merchants worldwide to securely, conveniently and cost-effectively make credit card payments online. P@S is also being increasingly used at exporting company sites or manufacturer sites for selling product samples to international buyers, and many e-commerce sites for the online sale of merchandises.
Multiple Aspect Personality Assessment
A software designed to the requirements of corporate HR function. It is a self test taken by job seekers or internal staff. The accurate test results generated based on a statistic norm consisting of one half of a million people enable HR managers to make correct decisions in screening, matching, interview and hiring process, and to conduct career placements.
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