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Electronyzed Disinfectant water
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Our machine produces very lightly acidic electrolyzed water, which has 80 times of as strong disinfect power as sodium hypochlorite.

If you are interesting in such a huge potential market of public sanitization and sterilizing any virus, bacteria, fungus or yeast

at a very economic cost and environmental friendly, why don’t you come to us and work together for blue ocean market

Our machines manufacture HOCL water(BIOCIDER), a water-based solution containing hypochlorous acid (HOCl),

the most powerful and economical decontaminant known.

As well as being highly effective against microorganisms, it is just as important to us that our products
are ecologically responsible.

Whilst BIOCIDER is completely biodegradable and disperses within minutes after use,
its deadly effect on dangerous bacteria, viruses and fungi remain for hours afterwards.

BIOCIDER works in the same way that the human white blood cells (our immune system) work when they fight infection and heal wounds. BIOCIDER uses hypochlorous acid (HOCl) to kill any microbial invasion within seconds.

Our machine is manufactured using a unique and patented hybrid synthesizer technology. What this means is that a single chamber machine uses edible hydrochloric acid as a reactant and through electrolysis HOCl is manufactured.

HOCl is 80 – 100 times more powerful than any decontamination substance that we have had up to now.
All chlorine applications that are used today in the control of microorganisms carry an inherent toxic threat.

They cause skin irritations, bleaching and can even cause breathing problems due to noxious fumes. These chlorine solutions all aim to make HOCl the active molecule needed to kill germs
but which unfortunately is only present in small quantities in the mixture.

On the other hand BIOCIDER provides you with pure HOCl without the toxic chlorine.

1. Clean water supply. Municipal water is not sterile and as a result, hospitals and other institutions in need of sterile water supply have the constant threat of bacterial spread. We supply water sterilization systems to the health industry and to areas where food is prepared. This service is provided at a fraction of the cost of installing conventional water purification systems.

2. Animal water supply also poses many risks to growing animals. By supplying BIOCIDER-treated clean water, savings of up to 90% in antibiotic use can be achieved. This has obvious benefits for the end user. There has also been a reported increase in growth weight and the animals are healthier.

3. The food industry benefits enormously from the use of BIOCIDER. HOCl-treated water is approved by all the major certification bodies world-wide as a recognized food additive and sterilizer of contaminated work surfaces, floors, toilets, door handles and the like. As a vegetable, fruit and fish or meat treatment, huge benefits in terms of extended shelf life and the prevention of food poisoning are achieved.

4. As an air treatment, large areas can be sterilized within hours. In the poultry hatcher environment for example, humidifying the air with BIOCIDER will rid the environment of any bacterial, virus and fungal presence. This in turn leads to an increase in the hatchability of fertilized eggs (up to 10% improvement compared to current methods of decontamination). This natural method of decontaminating large open spaces also poses no risk to humans working in the environment. Air treatment with humidified BIOCIDER frees the industry from the use of formaldehyde fogging. Formaldehyde is a carcinogenic substance, which means that repeated exposure to its presence in the air or in our food, is recognized as being instrumental in causing cancer. Use of BIOCIDER as a safe alternative will benefit the consumer.

5. Agricultural and horticultural. The treatment of fungal and bacterial infections in plants requires products that quite often are toxic to humans and animals. By replacing these products with BIOCIDER, we have a more environmentally friendly approach to the diseases.

6.Animal hosp.
They are non-toxic, steroid-free, antibiotic-free, and odour removal from urines etc.. HOCL from BIOCIDER is safe to use around the eyes (with intact cornea), ears (outer and mid), nose and mouth. HOCL from BIOCIDER has been shown to be effective on livestock cats, dogs, horses, and even exotic animals like birds, snakes, rabbits, lizards, gerbils and more and it is very excellent to remove any bad smell from such pets...HOCL from BIOCIDER has been shown to help with hot spots, scratches, skin rashes, skin ulcers, cuts, burns, post-surgical sites, irritated skin, cleaning the umbilical & navel, cleaning and debriding of animal wounds, sores, lacerations and more in the animal hosp. as well as can be used for sterilization of any medical instruments, clean the air etc etc...HCOCL from BIOCIDER doesn’t harm healthy tissue and is safe for use on all animal species of all ages and it is environmentally friendly and is proudly made in KOREA.

Safety/Quality Approvals:
Korea FDA, FDA and CE approvl
Other 1:

e used in multiple applications across a wide variety of industries.
HOCL has superior germicidal, biocidal, fungicidal and sporicidal properties. It can substantially reduce pathogens such as Salmonella and E. coli without the use of costly toxic chemicals.

HOCL removes biofilm and effectively destroys microorganisms.
HOCL is non-toxic, no-fuming, non-synthetic, safe for human and environment.

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