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8 zone Sub-line alarm system
8 zone Sub-line alarm
1.accept protocol CID, 4 +2
2.8 zone types
3.more intelligent, more simple operation
# 1.Compatible with internationally accepted protocol CID, 4 +2 , the alarm leading upload speeds
# 2.All settings can host 232,implement software programming, more intelligent, more simple operation
# 3.Alarm electronic map control, more intuitive
# 4.16 zones wired and wireless compatibility, the module automatically identify, expand freely
# 5.With the linkage module, alarm monitoring and other light interaction;
# 6.Cross-functional setting, to prevent false positives, to avoid false positives;
# Host keyboard has a key set of emergency 110,119,120 facilitate emergency alarm.
# Wired Burglar Alarm Features:
1.Temperature range: 0 °C ~ 45 °C
2.Humidity: 10% to 95%
3.AC power: AC18V ~ 22V, 1.3A
4.Standby current: 65mA
5.Alarm current: 115mA
6.Power output: DC12V 1Amp
Backup battery: DC12V 1.2AH ~ 6.5AH acid batteries and rechargeable
Keyboard Current: Each keyboard 60mA, maximum output 1Amp
Alarm output: DC12V, 400mA
Safety/Quality Approvals:

# 1. 8 zone wired and wireless compatible; support of the international communication protocol
# 2. Can be equipped with output modules, you can customize the output: linkage output; remote control output (mainly used in the joint monitoring, control appliances, lights, etc.)
# 3. Via the keyboard or a variety of programming system software settings, such as alarm mode, zone type, recording, monitoring, remote control, alarm phone numbers, telephone lines detection
# 4. Can set 6 groups of alarm telephone number (landline or mobile phone number) and 3 group alarm center telephone number. Alarm is triggered, the cycle dial.
# 5. 8 arming modes: out arm, at home and deployed, delay deployment, remote deployment, single-zone deployment, force deployment, time deployment, remote deployment
# 6. 6 disarm: single zone disarm, disarm keyboard password, remote disarm, disarm alarm, timing disarm, remote disarm
# 7. 8 zone types: real-time zone, delay zone, 24-hour standoff, perimeter zones, fire zones, gas zones, checking zone, the bypass zone.
# 8. 50 store event records can be found and the standoff arm and disarm the alarm information.
# 9. Available remote control arm, disarm, emergency alarm operation
# 10. Host keyboard shortcut keys are available, simple and convenient
# 11. Host a charging circuit can be built-DC12V sealed lead-acid batteries, power non-stop

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