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Automatic Winding Machine

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Automatic Winding Machine
As a leading manufacture of Automatic Winding Machine supplies and other Capacitor Production Equipment technologies, we have a very strong research and development team, well established production capacity and very restrict quality control system to ensure our customer needs. Please feel free to contact with us if you have any inquiry or problem.

  • Two or three mandrels rotating to assure short cycle time.
  • Tension controlled by DC servomotor; main winding by AC servomotor.
  • The outside seal uses the digit display PID control (PID control ±1%). The products have good appearance.
  • Process control system by IPC 586 computer, with hard disk to memorize 600 sets of specification, easy to change production specification.
  • It has 3.5” disk driver, which is able to correct process and backup them.
  • Automatic indication function for self-examining breakdown. When machine breakdown, it can self-testing to find reason and show the situation on the screen.It's able to indicate the inspection and repairable methods.
  • Speed up/down rate setting functions, excellent for high current, high voltage and interference suppressors class X2 capacitor.
  • With electronic burn off control system, speed adjustable and suitable for Al. or Zinc/Al. metallized layer, the de-metallizing effect is very good.
  • Main winding up to 9000 RPM.
  • Film/Foil Capacitor Winding M/C
  • This series are suitable to produce Non-inductive Foil /Polyester Film or Polypropylene Film capacitors.
  • It could be dual winding or series type of high voltage capacitors.
  • IPC 586computer control system, the circuit clear, full function, it can store 60 sets different winding specification, if winding materials are the same, changing spec. only needs 2 seconds.
  • The input and output use the electronic switch, the rate of break-down is very low.
  • Main winding uses servo motor control, winding speed stable, long life.
  • One set of winding mandrel, which easy to change specification and maintenance. The capacitance different tolerance will be very small.
  • The inside and outside seals both use the digit display PID control. The products have good appearance.
  • The DC servo motor control tension of 8 material feeding, ensure the element quality stable.
Mandrel f1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 mm f1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 mm f2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 mm f2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 mm
Metal Film Thickness Min. 1.5um Min. 2um Min. 3um Min. 3um
ID f75mm f75mm f75mm f75mm
OD f180mm f180mm f180mm f180mm
Dual Winding 5~10mm 5~15mm 8~22mm 8~27mm
Single Winding 7~15mm 15~27mm 22~46mm 27~50mm
Al. Foil Burn OffAIR Thickness 20um’25mm 20um’40mm 20um’55mm 20um’60mm
ID f 38~40mm f 38~40mm f 38~40mm f 38~40mm
OD f150mm f150mm f150mm f150mm
Dual Winding 3 sets 3 sets 3 sets 3 sets
Single Winding 25mm 35mm 50mm 60mm
Effective Mandrel Max. f15mm Max. f18mm Max. f28mm Max. f28mm
Element Size (OD) Turns Controlled
Capacitance Control 600 sets
Memory Quantity I.P.C. Controlled
Sequential Control DC Servo Motor Controlled
Tension Control Digit Display, PID Controlled ±1%
Seal Winding AC 220V 1f 50/60Hz 1.5KVA / 5 kg/cm2
Power Source / Air Max. 9000 R.P.M.
Machine Size W1000mm ’ D950mm ’ H1780mm
Machine Weight About 400KGS
Related Model URM-H25-9 URM-H30-9
  • For Metallized Film Capacitor
    (Single Pressure Roller)
    - Standard Model -
  • For Metallized Film Capacitor
    (Dual Side Film Winding)
  • For Metallized Film Capacitor
    (Dual Pressure Roller)
Film/Foil Capacitor Winding M/C
Model URF-1530P URF-2045P URF-2550 Series
Mandrel f 2, 2.5, 3 mm f 2, 2.5, 3, 4 mm f 2.5, 3, 4, 5 mm
Element Size OD Max. f 20mm Max. f 26mm Max. f 26mm
Length Max.10mm’2, Max.28mm’1 Max.20mm’2, Max.40mm’1 Max.27mm’2, Max.50mm’1
Foil Width Max.10mm'2, Max.25mm'1 Max.20mm'2, Max.40mm'1 Max.25mm'2, Max.48mm'1
Thickness Min.5um, Max.10um Min.5um, Max.10um Min.5um, Max.10um
ID / OD 40mm / 150mm 40mm / 150mm 40mm / 150mm
Film Width Max.10mm'2, Max.25mm'1 Max.20mm'2, Max.50mm'1 Max.25mm'2, Max.50mm'1
Thickness Min. 3.5mm Min. 3.5mm Min. 3.5mm
ID / OD 40mm / 160mm 40mm / 160mm 40mm / 160mm
Number of Reel 8 Reels 8 Reels Model: URF-2550P…8 Reels
Model: URF-2550A…10 Reels
Model: URF-2550B…12 Reels
Effective Mandrel 30mm 45mm 60mm
Suitable Specification Mini Size Large & Series Large & Series
Tension Control AC Servo Motor
Seal System Digit Display, PID Control ±1%
Winding Turns Max. 9999
Cutting Foil Perforation
Winding Speed 3000 R.P.M
Power Source / Air AC220V 50/60Hz 1f 1.5KVA
Air Pressure 5Kg /cm2
Machine Dimension (W x D x H) 1000 ’ 950 ’ 1780mm 1000 ’ 950 ’ 1780mm URF-2550P: 1000’950’1780mm
URF-2550A: 1200’950’1780mm
URF-2550B: 1200’950’1780mm
Machine Weight About 400KGS About 400KGS URF-2550P: About 400KGS
URF-2550A: About 500KGS
URF-2550B: About 500KGS
  • For Film/Foil Capacitor
    (8 Reels)
  • For Film/Foil Capacitor
    (10 Reels)
  • For Film/Foil Capacitor
    (12 Reels)
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