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Electronic Capacitor

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Item Number.:
RUP Type
Product Name:
Electronic Capacitor
Capacitance Range : 3uF ~ 80uF
Voltage Range:600VAC Max
Temperature Range:-25~+70 ℃ / -25~+85 ℃ / -25~+105 ℃
Electronic Capacitor is equipped with protective device. (10,000 AFC)
Electronic Capacitor is available for compressor, UPS and Lighting product.
The Structural Principle of Capacitors Equipped
with Protective Device

A. Description:
1. The protective Device of a electronic capacitor is built with a wire leaded from the element to connect the connecting board of the protective mat; then spot solder the brass foil of the protective mat as to form a channel to the aluminium cover.
2. When abnormality occurs, the electronic capacitor internal pressure would sharply increase and produce high pressure gas, which will cause expansion of the aluminium cover so as to break the brass foil of the protective mat. Therefore, the terminals in the cover will completely disconnect from the internal element which make the capacitor become open circuit and reach the protection purpose.
B. Cautions:
1. Due to the Protective Device is a kind of mechanical motion, and in order to reach high sensitivity, please do not use force to pull or twist the terminals.
2. Maximum permissible vertical pull strength: 10 KG Max.
3. The proper operation of the Protective Device requires that the capacitor cover and bottom be allowed to bulge without restraint. There must be a vertical clearance of at least 12.5mm between the tops of the terminals and the plane as well as between the capacitor bottom and the plane. ( see fig.1 )
4. In case the capacitors are to be used in outdoors especially in high humility or dusty environment, it is necessary to use a protection cap to completely cover the terminals and the terminal stands for preventing the moisture or dust being adhered to the terminals which might cause the failure of the Protective Device.
5. Electronic Capacitors must be operated under the rated temperature and rated voltage and conform to the terms and conditions as stated in the capacitor data sheets / drawings. Please avoid the capacitor surface become over heat, which may reduce the sensitivity or even cause the failure of the Protective Device.
6. The case of the capacitor should be remained in good condition without any crack in order to prevent any bad influence on the capacitor electrical characteristics.
7. The capacitor appearance is determined to be qualified though if there was a concave on the case diameter within 10mm or on the case height of max. 0.5mm which will not have any impact on the capacitor quality.
8. Please install the capacitor always with the major axis of the capacitor vertical and the terminals on top and not slant over 15 degrees. It is prohibited to install the capacitors with the terminals in the vertical down position.

容量(uF) DIMENSION(AxC/mm) 容量(uF) DIMENSION(AxC/mm)
3.0 40x50 15+3 51x65
5.0 40x50 15+5 51x75
7.5 40x50 20+3 51x80
10.0 40x50 20+5 51x80
12.5 40x50 25+3 51x80
15.0 40x50 25+5 51x80
17.5 40x60 30+3 51x80
20.0 40x60 30+5 51x80
22.5 40x70 35+3 51x80
25.0 40x70 35+5 51x80
27.5 40x70 35+7.5 51x95
30.0 40x70 40+3 51x95
35.0 40x90 40+5 51x95
40.0 40x90 40+7.5 51x95
45.0 40x90 45+3 51x95
50.0 40x120 45+5 51x95
55.0 45x120 45+7.5 51x95
60.0 45x120 45+10 51x105
65.0 51x120 50+3 51x95
70.0 51x120 50+5 51x95
75.0 51x120 50+7.5 51x105
80.0 56x120 50+10 51x115

Safety/Quality Approvals:
for compressors in air-conditioners, refrigerators, ice makers…
for AC Motors, Control Boxes, UPS, HID lamps...
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