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Light Emitting Diode

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Light Emitting Diode
Light-emitting diodes means that when a voltage is applied (referred to as forward direction) in the direction of the rectifier, a current injection, electron and hole recombination, a part of the energy is converted into light and emitting diodes. Such an LED is made of a semiconductor, a solid element, a stable working state, high reliability, the continuous energization time (life) over up to 105h.
In low light energy conversion efficiency (high energy into light energy efficiency) that is less power, is very suitable for use in low light (such as mobile phone backlight, nightlights) demand. But to improve the luminosity like headlights or higher, such as Taiwan, the efficiency of light-emitting diodes high than incandescent light bulbs, but worse than fluorescent lamps (commonly known as fluorescent light tube or pipe): Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers journal IEEE Spectrum there is an article to confirm this.

Short reaction time (in ns) - can achieve high frequency flicker.
Long life - and not because of continuous flashing affect their life.
In a secure operating environment can reach 100,000 hours of life, even at high temperatures above 50 degrees, there are about 40,000 hours life. (Fluorescent T8 is 8000 hours. T5 is 20,000 hours, incandescent 1,000 to 2,000 hours).
Resistant to shocks and other mechanical shocks - because it is a solid-state components, there is no filament, glass, etc., relative fluorescent, incandescent, etc. can withstand greater shock.
Small size - which in itself can be made ​​very small volume (less than 2mm).

Easy to focus - because of the volume of small luminous, and easy way to achieve the desired degree lens, distribution, packaging by changing its shape, its light angle scattering angle by a large angle to the fine focus can be achieved.
Strong color - due to the light of a single photon level, the wavelength is relatively simple (artificial light source, a relatively large portion) can provide a variety of colors in a simple filter without the.

Slightly wider color gamut - part of the white light-emitting diodes covering the gamut of white light compared to other widely.
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