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Seedling tray with different sizes cells and quantity for various crop nursery from seed growing to seedling for transplanting

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Product Name:
Seedling tray with different sizes cells and quantity for various crop nursery from seed growing to seedling for transplanting
Plastic seedling tray has different sizes cells and quantity for various crop nursery from seed growing to seedling for transplanting
Plastic seedling tray has different sizes cells and quantity for various crop nursery from seed growing to seedling for transplanting
Items Cavities Arrayal Hole size Depth Tray size (mm) Row*column
1 20 Line Circle60mm 54 mm 330*280 mm 5*4
2 24 Line Circle82mm 72 mm 556*395 mm 6*4
3 35 Line Circle70mm 70 mm 552*392 mm 7*5
4 40 Line Circle48mm 50mm 558*246 mm 10*4
5 50 Line Circle47mm 45mm 540*283 mm 10*5
6 50


Circle57mm 50mm 560*365 mm (8*6)+2
7 50 Line Square45mm 51mm 543*285 mm 10*5
8 60 Line Circle60mm 50mm 560*365mm 10*6
9 70 Line Circle45mm 45mm 560*365 mm 10*7
10 72 Line Circle45mm 32mm 595*308 mm 12*6
11 80


Circle45mm 45mm 557*365 mm 10*8
12 82


Circle45mm 44mm 557*365 mm (10*8)+2
13 100 interlace Circle40mm 40mm 560*365 mm (11*9)+1
14 104 Line Circle40mm 40mm 560*365 mm 13*8
15 128 Line Circle30mm 36mm 550*288 mm 16*8
16 128 Line Square28mm 35mm 555*287 mm 16*8
17 128 Line Circle32mm 30mm 598*300 mm 16*8
18 128 Line Square34mm 34mm 571*319 mm 16*8
19 150 Line Circle30mm 36mm 558*361 mm 15*10
20 288 Line Square21mm 28mm 605*303 mm 24*12
Safety/Quality Approvals:
ISO 9001:2015 Certified, TUV Rhrinland Certified
Other 1:

An Jarl enterprise co., ltd. is a manufacturer of diverse items of farm irrigation & farm implements for over 40 years.
Back in 1985 we reorganized our company as a limited corporation further up for our booming business.
Our company has been certified by ISO organization for more than 15 years, and just got upgraded to ISO 90001:2015 last year.

Our factory is in Kaohsiung, a city in southern Taiwan.
At very first beginning, we made only sprinkler hose & flat hose. Sprinkler hose also named as rain tape, rain pipe, spray tube, spray tape, soaker hose etc. Now we are growing to be an expert supplier for almost all kinds of farm accessories, agricultural equipment & farm agriculture irrigation system within years.

Our product series extended to mulch film, accessories for agriculture, horticulture, greenhouse, net house, irrigation sprinklers, micro irrigation sprinklers, field irrigation implements, cooling & moisture system, flat garden hose, seep soaker hose, flexible pipe, seedling trays, insecticide fog sprayer, fog nozzles, agriculture net, tunnel small greenhouse … etc.

Our products are used in many farmlands for the planting of melons, fruits, vegetables, trees, tea, flowers and so on. We deal our product throughout the world such as Taiwan, Japan, China, Southeast Asia, USA, Latin America, Africa etc.

For sprinkler hoses, as mentioned before it also called rain tape, rain pipe, spray tube, spray tape, soaker hose, we have specially supplied much quantity this sprinkler hoses for farm irrigation of oil palms nursery in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Our products were the first choice to replace those expensive high quality sansui tube from Japan, with same high quality function and vast cost down

Now in these years we are expanding our range for more farm equipment. Besides products that are used in the open farmland, we also supply accessories used in flat roof net houses and greenhouses. Our brand “DEAR DEER” is well-known in many areas.

The other new products are hanging sprinkler hose which can be hung indoors and outdoors to make a misty micro irrigation like small rain that won’t hurt the fragile seedling, let farmers and agricultural machine have free space for land work. It also hung on the roof to spray down or hung at wall to spray from side to middle area of greenhouse or net house

Besides our own products, we are pleasing to be as an ODM & OBM factory for customized products. We manufacture accessories of water purify system, sanitary ware and other products for some companies with famous brands in Taiwan.

Not only this, we also produce Venturi fertilizer injector, T fitting & other fittings for irrigation systems and other agriculture & garden implements too.

We keep our innovation and creation to create new items every year, we listen from what customers said and design to meet their need.

All in all, our goal is to became an world leader to supply what our customer need not only agriculture but also garden accessories too, in the near future.

Other 2:

The deer is a symbol of happiness and propitious. Imagine the feeling of happiness, at Christmas, bells jingling, reindeer pull a sleigh to deliver gifts for every household.

In Eastern Asia and China, the deer is a symbol of luck. Deer and blessing is often connected. “BLESSING DEER” means both lucky with wealth.

Ancient Taiwan in uncultivated wilderness, we can see the deer on everywhere. The deer are tame and friendly animals. The presence of deer means in harmony with nature on the earth.

Our trademark, in Chinese means “BLESSING DEER”, in English we name “DEAR DEER”. We want to be a friend for everybody who pursue happiness, also aspire to the harmony of nature on the earth.

Agriculture is the economic activity of the human which closely related to nature. Our efforts are in this area, and hope that these efforts support and enhance technical and exquisite farming. That help agriculturist to get the best economic harvest.

Also hope in the process of agriculture renewed, we can contribute our effort to make farming close nature and in harmony with the earth.

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