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Dewatering Element

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Suction Box Cover & Dewatering Component for Paper & Pulp Manufacturing
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Dewatering Element
Suction Box Cover & Dewatering Element for pulp & paper Industry
HISHIRON is ultra high molecular weight polyethylene produced by the sinter press process.It has been used in the Paper making industry for many years with great success.
HISHIRON is used on high speed achines in paper mills throughout the world.
HISHIRON is used in conjunction with either metal or plastic wires. Under material which molecular weight over 4.5 million.

This is the most widely used grade of material for high speed machines.Colours: natural black, yellow.

HISHIRON Special-80:
This grade is a special development for use with plastic wires on High Speed Heavy Base paper Machine.

HISHIRON Standard:
This grade is recommended for use on medium speed machines. The material is a fine blend of virgin powder with the addition of regenerated polymer,with a resiltant lower price.
Colours:Black, and green

HISHIRON "G" with ultra-fine glass beads, graphite and carbon.

This grade is developed for use on highest speed machines, suitable for plastic wiresand bronze wirs.

HISHIRON suction box covers have the following advantages:

  • The measured co-efficient of friction for HISHIRON material is 0.08 which comp- ares very favouralby with other plastics where the friction is between 0.16 and 0.20,or cross grain wood of 0.3.
  • Faster machine speeds can be achieved through the low coefficient of friction.
  • Less motive power required to drive machines.
  • The material has a high impact strength and cannot break or splinter . Temperature resistent to 1000C.
  • RCH is the registered trade mark of Ruhrchemie AG.

  • Suctionbox covers (吸箱板)
  • Forming boards (成型板)
  • Foil covers (水翼板)
  • Doctor blades (刮刀葉片)
  • Scraper blades (刮水板)
  • Deflector blades (轉向葉片)
  • Profile strips etc. (外型割片等)
Perforation types
in commercial use and special finish will be supplied at most competive prices. The stated standard patterns are mainly used.
Wet suction box covers are normally fabricated with slot perforation(see picture),wher- eby the slots have an angle of 15 to 30 degrees against wire direction.
Greater angles can bring up diffculties manufacturing.The width of the slots-same is also valid for flat suction box covers-should be made in a way that the moving of the wire into the sheet is mostly avoided.At the same time,the wear of the wire at the front edges is reduced accordingly .In this connection also a suf- ficient width of the traverse between the slots has to be given. A rule of thumb says that this width should not be much smaller than the width of the slot
The length of the slots varies in case of long slots between 150 and 500 mm and in case of other designs between 15 and 300mm.By experience of the manufacturing of clovers we can say that each stablizing bridge influences although only a little bit the drainagen unfavourably. Therefore only such a number than the cover is stable enough.
1)Sealing Strips (Suction Press Roll) 4)Vickery Felt Conditioner Shoe
2)Felt Suction Pipe Cover 5)Doctor Blade (Breast Roll)
3)Felt Suction Pipe Cover (Fabric-Wire) 6)Doctor Blade (Wire Return Roll)

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